Don’t fit in?! Me neither. Here’s why:

I’ve had a lot of jobs in my 31 years of life.

I used to be a cocktail server…

In addition to being a hostess, steak house server, Mexican restaurant server, newspaper intern, and barista.

I also worked at a book store, jewelry store, cable company, a sheet metal company, as a therapist at an inner city school and as a nanny.

But four years ago today… I was a part-time nanny, a life coach (on the weekends) and a cocktail server.

One time, some customers came into the restaurant I worked at and we got to talking.

They asked me to take a picture of them from behind the bar. They posted it on FB and friend requested me…

Today it came up on their newsfeed. And they messaged me.

He said: “4 years ago at that restaurant you told us what you wanted to do with your life. I see you are literally doing exactly what you wanted to do, today. That is a beautiful thing. Congratulations!”

Four years ago I was piecing together money from multiple jobs so I could support myself/live/travel/be me…

But… I had a vision.

I looked a little lost and confused… I was broke AF.

But… I had a vision.

I was fired from every job I ever had (other than nannying and counseling)

But… I had a vision.

I didn’t know exactly what I would do… but I knew what kind of person I would be. I would make money. I would help people. I would change the world.

So, listen to me:

If you are bored easily.

If you don’t fit in.

If people don’t get you.

If you are too much.

If you can’t help but see/feel/do things just a little differently…

Then you’re a mother fucking leader.

You don’t fit in because we need you to stand out.

You see things differently because there is a message on your heart we have to hear.

You are bored easily because you were made for next level greatness.

You are too much because your unique personality and way of seeing things is going to get you noticed when you start to speak your truth.

There is nothing wrong with you.

And deep inside you know it… you know it. You know you were sent here now. You know you were made for something special. You know you are not normal.

Do not give up.

Do not shrink. Do not hold back. Do not play small.

Do not settle.

We need you.

Keep doing your work… keep healing your shit… keep showing up…

Your time is coming. We need you.

What do you think of this message, leave me a little love note below!

I will do my best to reply to you all!

11 thoughts to “Don’t fit in?! Me neither. Here’s why:”

  1. OMG why am I reading this just now?!

    & you so rock!

    & thank you for being you! <3

  2. Oh Hey Twinsie. Your story was my life. It made me feel much better and less shame around my job story. I have been hustling and making my own money for years in between the jobs I quit or got “laid off” from. Loved it. Thanks for Sharing.

  3. Thank you for your words it’s makes me smile! And also they have a lot of sense to me. I’m just in that point of my life that I don’t want to play small anymore and I want to do big things by myself, I’m just starting the journey but this message it’s so inspiring!

  4. YES!!!!!!!! the bored easily not fitting into the societal standards of life in general… Everything you said!!
    My soul knows there are much greater things heading for me if I just keep going!

  5. Love this and it totally hit home for me. After a college degree and several jobs in sales, management and HR (that I never felt passionate about…never felt I was doing anything meaningful) I stayed home with kids for 19(!) years. I am now a server (sometimes cocktail server) at the age of 50 and comepletely cool with it, because I am also using my health coaching certification, along with my humor, enthusiasm and creativity to launch my business, happy, healthy and hot. I knew back in kindergarten that I thought differently than everyone else. I’m finally getting a chance to do my own thing, and I love it. And I also love being a cocktail server!

  6. Thank you for this. I know in my soul I am born to be a leader. I currently work multiple jobs, am piecing MY LIFE together while raising my children and doing what I can to be true to myself. I have just started my lifestyle /fitness/ not too sure what I’m coaching you on business. I KNOW THIS IS MY JAM!! I’m gonna be big baby. You Amanda Francis are an inspiration and I need this SHIT in my life. I am going to print this post off and paste in on my wall because everyday I wake up so FUCKING SCARED! I don’t know what I am doing. I am SO CLOSE TO quitting my counselling job bc I am not passionate about it anymore. I Just ended it with my man for the fourth-ish time bc I know it’s not right. My heart keeps screaming this is NOT WHO YOU WANT!!! There’s nothing wrong he’s a great man. I am not satisfied… I deserve magic … it doesn’t feel Magical. Thank you for showing me there is no reason AT ALL for me to quit pursuing my dreams. See you at the beach babes❤

  7. This is me too! I’ve always felt a little different and off too! The longest job I’ve held is 3 years and that’s a huge miracle! Thanks for sharing this Amanda. You going big definitely inspires me to go big daily! You are the best! :)

  8. This is exactly what I needed to hear & resonated with me deeply. When people see me working as a front desk agent, or whatever odd jobs I’ve had since graduating college, they say “well.. what are you doing with your degree?” I DO have a vision for myself but do not disclose it to others (yet). I will keep persistent, show up, speak my truth, and keep going until my vision is my reality. Thank you Amanda! <3

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