Want More Love?! It’s easy as 1, 2, 3

Hello Lovers! 


Once again, I am so obsessed with the love you guys are spreading. Self Love Saturday {or any day/hour/moment you can incorporate self-care into your life} seems to be quickly becoming many people’s favorite day! Fabulous job taking care of yourselves! Have you noticed that as you feel better about yourself and feel more taken care of that you naturally treat others better? This is how we spread the love, lovers!


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To get the most out of the Self Love Saturday experience {or to increase the love in your life, period} here are a few easy steps:


1. Ask the Most Important Question

Now the most important question to ask yourself after that awesome self-love moment is, “How does this make me feel?” If the answer is “Inspired. Relaxed. Good enough. Peaceful. Calm. Warm. Happy. (ect)” then congratulations, you are in that present, appreciative, fabulous, guilt-free zone. If the moments of self-love bring up feelings of being undeserving, not good enough, guilty or other uncomfortable emotions, then that’s okay too, but notice what ideas about who you are and what you deserve are showing up; That is where you have work to do


2. Look At It – For Real

Behind the negative feeling is more than likely a story you’ve been telling yourself about you and your worth. You might not even know that you tell yourself this crazy story, because you’ve been hearing it for so long. Our beliefs about ourselves and the world play on a continual feedback loop in our brains and form our perceptions about everything. And we create them at such a young age, we don’t always remember when we picked it up or that they aren’t true. An idea about yourself like, “I mess everything up” or “Nothing good ever happens to me” is constantly being projected onto every area of your life through your energy, words, and actions AND is informing the world about you. This sort of negative self-image can cause lots of chaotic hot-mess moments in your life. 

You can probably think of an incident as a child that made you think negatively about yourself and that may have been the first time you considered the fact that maybe you weren’t good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, etc. In this moment, you began to believe a story about yourself and how you were to act in the world to be enough. That’s okay, it happens to everyone. The idea you began to perceive as true probably served you or protected you in some capacity in that situation, but it more than likely no longer serves you at all. So let’s let it go. You are safe. The past probably wasn’t perfect, but it’s over. So let’s choose a new way. 


3. Change Your Mind

You have control over whether you believe the things that float across your brain and you can choose to think new, more positive concepts and manifest new feelings about yourself.  And, it’s super simple. All you have to do is CHANGE YOUR MIND! I know, it sounds way too simple, but it’s true. You can choose a new story – a story that uplifts you out of the chaos you are in and allows you to create an empowered and fabulous life. And, what’s even more awesome, is that you literally change the structure of your brain as you do this. You form new neuropathways when you begin to think something new day after day. As you do this, the new loving ideas stick and everything changes. 


You are not stuck. You have to power to inform the world that you are lovable, fabulous, deserving, and effing awesome. 



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I love you.



Amanda Frances



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