The Best Year Yet, Lesson 6: Envision and Dream

Hello fabulous friends. 

So excited to write to you on this lovely Sunday afternoon. The days I find time to stay in bed and journal, read, blog and dream are the best. It seems that the more time I take out for things like this, the more relaxed, calm and happy I am.

And the more I am in this place, the more I find myself in the place to ask for what I want, and get the answers.

I’ve always been a dreamer, but this year, I’ve been more diligent to focus and dream with intention. I’ve been bold enough to actively ask for what I need. This year I’ve had what I’ve asked for come to me like never before.

I encourage you to open your mind and be receptive to this concept. Whether you believe in karma, believing and receiving, or the principles in The Secret … or are skeptical of it all… there is a principal I want to share with you. All of these concepts are getting down to one idea: People are be able to attract to themselves what they desire based on what is happening in their minds.

I truly believe that when you …

* are in touch with your heart (inner guide, gut, holy spirit) you tap into your purpose and true desires, 

* know your worth and believe you deserve a wonderful life,

* believe that God/the Universe is good, loving, has your back, and hears you,

You can become bold enough to ask and be certain the answers are coming.

And things start to happen.

It comes down to more than goal-setting, being a good person, and having the best of intentions. You have to ask. You have to put your heart out there. You have to dream on purpose.

One way I have learned to do this is by writing. I have always journaled my thoughts, frustrations, and confusions, but this is different. I list my goals, dreams and desires in a way that’s clear, concise, and easy to check off.  On the regular I make list of things I need help with, want, or believe I am to do in the world.  I write the things down that I believe I can have, but don’t know how to get. And then I trust that what I asked for or better is coming.

It does.

A vision board can also be really powerful for attracting what you what.  I think about making a vision board every year, but this year I decided to sit my bottom down and actually do it. I have always been obsessed with old school collages made with pictures from real life or magazines cut out and pasted together with glue, but  that requires a supplies and time and I didn’t see myself making this happen. So instead I did online.

To make the board I browsed Pinterest and Google and began saving pics to a Vision Board folder on my computer. Every pic I save on my computer automatically saves to the photo editor I use, Picasa (it’s free!). So all I had  to do was select the pics I wanted for the board and click on the collage button.  To update the board I just click on edit and add pics. Easy! 

Some of the pictures represent very meaningful endeavors like the advertiser that recently contacted me (deets soon), while some are just little things I would like to have like the lilies that my boyfriend sent me for Valentine’s Day.

As in the two examples above, it’s working. 

To keep the inspiration in front of me, I added various versions of the board to my Facebook, Fanpage, and Twitter. Seeing my dreams and heart-felt goals in front of me all the time helps me to stay motivated, focused, and actively dreaming. 

If i can do it, you most certainly can too. :) I believe we can all see our dreams come true and have more Love My Life (LML) Moments than we can even handle.


Dream Big Dreams Today. 


Love to all of you,

Amanda Frances  




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