Evidence vs. Faith: How to Hit Every Single Goal

Hi boss lady babe!

Today, I felt led to share this, rarely-before-seen, video with you!

I am getting so many questions about HOW to believe in yourself, your business, your ability to hit your goals.

This vlog is taken from a training recorded for my mastermind clients a little over one year ago. I was asked:

“Do you think you trust in yourself more because of the level of success you’ve achieved now? Or are you at this level because you trusted in yourself?”

The answer is: Both.

I would be lying to you if that I was able to blindly believe in myself from the very beginning before I had evidence that I could do this.

The truth is: Believing in myself was harder in the beginning of my business.

The important things is this: I believed anyway.

The other truth is: The evidence that I could do this as I began to hit my goals added up over time. As began to believe in myself, what I know to be true and what I am here to do more and more, this strengthened my faith in myself, God and my abilities.

Remember: Everyone starts at the beginning.

And once upon a time, when I had never run a business before, continually believing that this would work… was a daily choice…

… a choice to put my heart in it, do my part, and believe with everything I had.

I decided how this was going to work for me.

I got my energy behind it every single day.

Especially when it didn’t make any sense to believe.

I believe this creating a miraculous live and business requires:

Deciding, choosing, and believing when it makes no logical sense.

Get your heart and faith behind it. Disprove every limiting belief in your mind.

All your moments you chose to believe will add up and overflow into your physical reality.

(This is what we call manifestation.)

This is how you will hit every goal (including your end of the year goal).

Your confidence will be strengthened as you see that you CAN do this! And believing in yourself and your business with become second nature.

Deciding and believing — against all odds — will get easier and easier, and easier.

I riff on this in today’s vlog: And believing in yourself and your business with become second nature.

Deciding and believing — against all odds — gets easier and easier, and easier.

Because you’ll have faith AND evidence of who you are and what you can do.

I riff on this in today’s free video training vlog:


What do you think of the concepts in today’s vlog?! Let me know in the comments below!

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