Exhaustion is Not the Measuring Stick for Success (Live Call with Amanda’s Mastermind)

Hello from the Amalfi Coast, love bugs,

I have a treat for you today!

For this week’s video blog, I am giving you a little sneak peak into a live coaching call with my mastermind.

Now, obviously, we did not show the faces or voices of the members of The Mastermind.

Instead, my team selected a few little riffs I went on in response to their Qs and composed a video for you!

Some of the topics included in today’s vlog:

1. I am not here to be an example of a wealthy exhausted person.

2. How to energetically align with raising your prices.

3. How to cast vision to make decisions in your business.

4. Designing your business around your future-self’s desires.

5. Moving your money game to the next level because you are only available for extra.

Quotable moments:

“The measuring stick is not how tired we are or how hard we worked. I don’t think I need to show up and be an example of being exhausted, and miserable, but having some money.”

“Make decisions based off your future vision. Because we’re always building. Whenever I create, I think about what I am building (and how I will resell it).”

“If there was nothing to prove and no one to impress, then what would you show up and be an example of today?” 

“Every time the amount of money I’m earning feels like not quite enough anymore, that’s when I take it to the next level because I’m not available to not have enough.”

“Sacrifice and hustle aren’t required to make all the things happen. No more sacrifice and hustle. It’s just overflow.

I know you will love this. It’s time to dig in!

Watch the video blog:

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I love you!


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