Life Changing Moments: caffination, GNO, and a lotta love.

. . . because after a long week, sometimes it’s hard to remember the fantastic parts. . .


{free starbucks}

Register a giftcard, swipe it 15 times when purchasing a beverage, and then get a free drink of your choice – any size :) :) :) Add your shots, pick your syrup, order your ginormo-sized Trenta or your Venti all for zero dolla. Love love love love.

Batistas in the past may have told me they have never seen one drink add up to that much before  ;)


{winter accessory moment}

Baby it’s cold outside. . . well kind of. . . on some days. . . except for the strange heat wave in the Northeast and the fact that Texas is only cold for two days at a time. . .

Actually – I do not love cold weather. At all.  How do I beat the blues? Accessorizing. Accessories are the only part of cold weather that I look forward to. So once a year, I put all my summer scarfs and hats behind, and display my winter clothes on my little dress-maker inspired coat hanger.

This makes me happy.


{weekly celebration}

Universe, Mary,  Lord and Buddha too – Thank you for Girl’s Night Out. In addition to regular spiritual and therapeutic endeavors, Thursday nights is my saving grace.


This week. . . I got in a wreck, wrote two term papers, had no sleep, and had all sorts of non-wonderfulness happen. . . but I’m choosing to believe that it’s all good.

Let me share a little of that love. . .

A beautiful path is laid out before you.
Love the good times. Love the bad times.
Learn from it all.
Deep breaths. No regrets.
Experience is a teacher.
You’re okay. You’re on your way. 
Live every minute of it. – me


Amanda Frances