Life Changing Moments: a book, a glittery neckline, and other beautiful things

Hello from NEW YORK!


Favorite Book/Fateful Moment


Let’s talk about Destiny. I know I know. I want to talk about this every blog, but it’s totally on my mind right now. There is something very special to me about traveling and I get uber excited each time. I get especially excited when I feel as though forces of the universe are behind me as I set out to see the big wide world.

So last week I randomly decided to stop by Barnes and Noble with a little girl I work with because it was to cold to go to go to the park. I was browsing books a little before we left and kept noticing a brightly colored book with a cute girl standing in a way that seemed to stay “I’m-ready-to-take-on-the-world” called Spirit Junkie. The cute girl in Louboutins is Gabrielle Bernstein who I now love. I eventually gave in, picked up the book and read a little of chapter one. Gabby wrote the book on reflection on the concepts in a book called A Course in Miracles. She also references a book called Return to Love by Marianne Williamson. Marianne also wrote a book from her interpretations from A Course. So basically I found myself at B&N reading, on Amazon buying, and on my couch loving these books this week.

To give you a little tid-bit about it, A Course was written in the 70’s from a Christian perspective and uses Jesus-y language. It is heavy and dense, however, and takes mucho time to read. Marianne wrote her book in the 90’s – she is from a different generation and uses some New Age-y language to explain the concepts. Gabby writes from an energetic and youthful places. She uses a lot of meditation and has kind of a Buddha-y take on the Course. For me, studying spiritual concepts is a hobby and passion – so I’m loving the different perspectives. In case your wondering, I don’t believe that any person, perspective, or religion has a monopoly on things of the spirit – so the varying views don’t offend me – I think they are wonderful.


The books have helped me realize so many ways I have been holding myself back with fear and dread. Most of what I worry about isn’t things that are actual problems, but my perceptions of things that are/could be problems. Our fears are usually deeply rooted and have been reining for years. The problem I sometimes have is projecting disappointments of the past into fears of the future. Since our perceptions make our reality, a false belief can really get you hung up on something rather currently meaningless. It’s important to acknowledge these beliefs and let them go. These books help one shift perspectives and choose love and happiness over fear and doubt.  Wonderful, marvelous work. I recommend these books to everyone ever, as long as your willing to open your mind. And as always, I will take the things I am learning in life and turn them in to BLOGS – woot woot!


I believe each opportunity to question, learn, and grow is a beautiful thing. I am so blessed to share my journey with you.:)



So anyway, the fateful travel moment came when I called my homegirl Katie Hoffman and said, “Hey friend. I land in New York Friday afternoon what do you want to do before we go out?” and she said, “I want to go see Gabrielle Bernstein speak.”  Umm… I had no idea Katie read her books too! What are the chances that I’d start reading this book, start to love it to death and then the next thing I know have an opportunity to go see her in NYC the day I land?! Especially since I changed the reservation last-minute to this random week in January. Slim to none. Love it.

SO excited for NYC! So I have my tri-pod, camera, laptop with me and will be sure to keep you posted from Manhattan! Love you! Love it!



Now for a few other life-changing moments. . .

Favorite Snack

(or, on somedays, breakfast, lunch or dinner)

It isn’t the healthiest snack ever or anything, but depending on how you have it, it definitely isn’t bad. I love to load my Pink Berry up with all the fruit they have. Ask for it upside down and they will put all the yummy in the bottom. What a lovely way to get some fruit in your day. A little piece of LA in your mouth.




Favorite Night Out

My friend Garrett and I hit up Dallas the other night going to places that we super lively, drinking drinks that were very potent, and only talking about things that made us laugh hysterically or think deeply. (I love to be deep) My kind of night. We visited a crowded local pub for dinner: Neighborhood Services Tavern followed by a hot new spot with a fantastic second story bar for an after dinner drink: Delfriscos Grill. Check it out if you find your cute self in Dallas this year. :)

Also, I have to mention that I met a girl with my identical top-knot. She said she liked mine better because it looked more like Lauren Conrad’s. I hugged her – It’s inspired by the one and only. To make create my high bun/top knot click here.




Favorite Work-Out Moment

There is something extra special about my favorite jogging spot in my hometown of Tulsa. The sun was warm, but the air crisp and cool. The sky was clear, the river full, and I was happily strategizing for the New Year. It was the kind of day that when mixed with the endorphins that come from a good run, can make you feel like you could do absolutely anything. (ps: you can.)




Favorite Caffination Moment

Okay so it’s not really my favorite way. There is no such thing as a favorite when it comes to my coffee. I love it all. However, I do love to order my Starbucks “For-Here” They put it in a pretty class cup revealing your caramel drizzle, chocolate shavings, and other goodness. Amen to that.

There is something so nice about holding a warm cup of pretty coffee on a cold day. And since I fail miserably a making my own, this totally works. Also, you save 10 cents per drink for using the enviro-friendly glass cup. Amen and amen. This was taken at the bux near Cole and Knox in Dallas.



Favorite Outfit

 So this dress was initially ordered to be a NYE dress (my favorite holiday ever). However, when I ended up going to a Black Tie Optional event I decided to wear a ball gown. This was obviously a smart decision as any opportunity to dress more like a princess usually is. ;) Anyway, I had it with me on my trip so I decided to dress it down for day-time. I love how a short cocktail dress can work for day when paired with boots a blazer.  I’m thinking it would also be cute with black tights and booties with my tan blazer. :) :) Outfit inspiration is so fun.


Enjoy your weekend. And remember why it is we celebrate this Monday. Equality for all. Amen and amen.


Amanda Frances