three ways to feeling more positive… today!


I believe that when we love life, it loves us right back.

But sometimes we forget to be in love with life.

It’s easy to forget to engage with all the beauty, fabulousness, and opportunity this world has to offer. Especially on the crummy days when we feels stuck in a rut, when we feel like we don’t know what to do next, or when it all just seems confusing.

We all get overwhelmed.

I do know for sure, however, that if you can shift your thoughts, you can shift everything.

If you are having a hard time seeing the bright side, try these tools:

1. Opposite Day
If you are thinking “I don’t know what to do” try thinking, “I know exactly what to do. The answers are obvious to me.”

2. Stair Stepper
If Opposite Day feels like lying to yourself, try this instead. Take baby steps toward a full blown happy thought. “I look forward to knowing what to do. I don’t know yet, but I trust the answers are coming.”

3. Feel like Shit
Hey. Sometimes we just need to feel the way we feel. It’s sometimes necessary to let it out/embrace it/accept it so you can move on. Set a timer. 10 minutes of wallowing. An hour of being pissed the hell off. Whatever. Honor your feelings. Let them move through you. Release them. Then choose a new way to see the situation.

If you get stuck in the funky headspace and can’t seem to let the negativity go… Ask for help seeing the situation differently. Know you are being guided.

We all have our moments but trust me: life is on your side, the Universe has your back, and all discomfort is temporary….

As long as you believe it is. :)

I love you,

Amanda Frances

Ps: You are doing a good job.

One thought to “three ways to feeling more positive… today!”

  1. Love the quick and easy tools to take with me. I agree that sometimes you just have to wallow or be mad so that you can let it go. It’s always when we pretend things don’t effect us that shit can go downhill. Thanks for the permission to let it OUT!!

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