Feeling Crazy?! Then You’re on the Right Track!

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Last month during my thirtieth-birthday-world-travels,I was sitting on the second floor of beautiful chateau in the Tuscan countryside staring at the rolling hills out my window while drinking a class of Chianti. And I had one of the those moments where you pause and go, “Omg. This is my life. I created this. God, we did it. This is for real.”

My next thought was a stream the decisions that got me here:

  • I started a business.
  • I quit my PhD program.
  • I stopped charging by the hour.
  • I began creating courses.
  • I decided that I would only coach 1-2 days a week.
  • I set big, scary financial goals. And believed in them. Strongly.
  • I made regular extended travel a non-negotiable part of my life.

And do you know what the above decisions have in common?!


Not just a little crazy. I felt fucking NUTS! Like… I have lost my mind. I must be crazy. This will never work.

My ego had an effing hay day each time:

  • “Who would paid you to do that?”
  • “You’ll never be taken seriously without a PhD!”
  • “How are you going to charge more than $100 hour?!”
  • “1-2 days a week?! You lazy bum!”
  • “You know nothing about creating courses!”
  • “You want MORE than six figures?! Can’t you just be grateful for what you have?!”
  • “You want to travel how much?! How will you ever make money if you’re always gone?!”

I felt like a lunatic each time I had the desire to go bigger.

But underneath the chatter of my mind was something more important.

Underneath the crazy was the light-me-up, soul-on-fire, heart-beating-fast, holy-fuck-you-got-this feeling. 

Your mind will lie to you. It’s supposed to. It’s your ego’s job to try hard to keep you safe by keeping you small. And, at times, this serves us.

It is up to us to look at each and every thought that floats through our brain, scrutinize it, and decide which thoughts we will believe.

And when I dug deeper than the crazy-frantic thoughts, I felt this: growth, expansion, fullness, bigness, deep-exhale, omg-i-can-do-this, I’m-ready-it’s-time, let’s-go. 

And those are the feelings that have never led me astray. When I’m not living from that feeling, I am melancholy, aimless… And bored out of my fucking mind.

I pick feeling crazy over feeling nothing. I pick I-must-be-loosing it to playing it safe.

Not going big feels like a slow painful death.

For me…

It’s supposed to be scary. And I need to feel a little crazy.

That’s how I know that I am on right track.

And every time you hear your mind say, “Who are you to ____?!” I want you to say this back: 

“I am a child of God. I am a creation of the most high. Who am I not to?! I am here to make a big difference in this world. God gave me these desires. It’s time I go big.”

In today’s video, I riff on what it was like to me to give up on old dreams to embrace new dreams, to follow my passion, and to move through the world of confusion that comes when you are in the dark attempting to follow your heart. You’ll also get a view of the gorgeous Italian countryside.

This is how you know your on the right track:



What about you! How do you know that you are right on track?!

What do you think of my theory! Let me know in the comments below or come hang out with me in my FB group: Spiritual Bad-Ass Boss Ladies Group! IT’S FREE!


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