My First Video Blog!

Hello Beautiful Friends!


I am now a VLOGGER! :)

I feel like my words are jumbled as this is my very first video blog, but here is the bottom line: Honor and listen to how you feel.

If you are hungry, have a healthy snack. If you are tired, take a little nap. if you don’t feel like doing anything, give yourself a little break to do nothing and enjoy it. And if you feel like shit, acknowledge those crappy feelings and do something that makes you feel better.

The doubtful part of your mind may try to make you feel guilty when you deny what your supposed to do in order to honor your truth and feelings, but that’s okay.  Acknowledge that fearful voice and go ahead and take care of you.


Amanda Frances


Disclaimer: I am in workout clothes from the run I had just gone on and there is a carseat in the back of my car from  nannying the day before :) … And next time I will edit out the shaky part in the beginning. lol