Five Pro-Tips to Manifesting NOW

Hi bad ass boss lady!

You may have heard me say this before… but manifestation is an art… a science… a way of seeing things… a way of life.

The truth is that we are manifesting all of the time. We are always an energetic match for something.

I teach manifesting (and specifically money manifesting) because I want you to learn how to become an energetic match for what you desire… on purpose.

In my experience, your manifestation game can become consistent/reliable/inspired/fun/joyful… and what you attract can be done very intentionally and on purpose.

I am going to share some wisdom with you right now — just because I feel inspired to.

I want to help you to understand a few things when it comes to manifesting.


1. You can’t f*ck it up. 

There is no good/bad or right/wrong when it comes to manifesting.

All there is is deciding what you want, working through the limiting beliefs that says you can’t have it, being in the vibration of your desire, and taking any action you are given.

What this means is: YOU CAN’T EFF IT UP!

Say it with me: I can’t fuck it up.

There is absolutely none/zero/ziltch need to analyze and wonder if you are fucking it up/not doing it right/responding wrong to the Universe.

When you attract things that you do not like this is just shows you want you’ve been a match for and where you have work to do so you can keep clearing your shit.

You are not effing it up. Keep working it.


2. The Universe isn’t testing/tricking you. 

The Universe is not testing you.

The Universe is not tricking you.

The Universe is not a person.

The Universe does not have emotions.

The Universe is only responding to you and giving you back more of who you are/what you are a match for/what you believe you can have.

It’s just energy. And, yes, there is powerin in choose to believe that cosmic forces have your back and are on your side.

But, the truth is Universe isn’t playing unfair with you. The Universe isn’t playing favorites. The Universe is responding to your energy… all of the time.


3. It’s always working. 

It drives me a little bit crazy when people throw their hands in the air and declare, “It didn’t work!” after practicing intentionally manifesting for 5 days.

I think it’s perfectly fine to desire a time limit for your manifestation.

But the energy that brings in your desire in is FAITH. Meaning believing that it is yours when it looks like it’s not working.

When you asked for your desire by February 28th and it’s not there — faith is still believing it’s yours on March 1st. Got it?

In my experience, manifesting is your faith/expectation adding up and adding up and adding up until it overflows and BAM the manifestation shows up.

Keep believing. Deal with/reprogram all the stories in your mind that say that you can not have what you desire.

When you believe that you will receive your desire, it is done in the spiritual realm. It is only a matter of time until it shows up in your physical world… but you have to keep believing.

When it looks like it’s not working and you find yourself moving into doubt and fear, ask for guidance seeing things differently and intend to remove the small idea that says things aren’t working for you.

Then choose to shift back into believing.

(( PS: I explain this concept further in this video: What to do when manifesting isn’t working ))


4. This whole thing is a process — a life long process. 

So, here’s the deal:

If you can’t fuck it up and the Universe is on your side/ready to work with you and the universal principal of manifesting is ALWAYS working…

Then you have plenty of time to practice.

You have your entire exsistence to keep working this concept.

Don’t get discourage when it’s “not working” after five days. You have more time. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.

It’s impossible to be “bad” at manifesting. You are already manifesting all of the time.


5. You’ve got to let yourself off of the hook. 

Listen, boo boo. You are a human being. A real life human. You aren’t going to get things perfectly all of the time.

Especially when you are new at them.

Let yourself off the hook.

You are doing a good job. You are on your way. You are showing up for life.

Keep going. Keep learning. Trust your unique path and process.

You are doing it. You are here. You are reading this now. You made it this far.
Good F*cking Job, Lover!

It is my intention that you take a deep breath and trust yourself as you test out the principals of manifestation.

I want you to love the process, have fun with it, and see what happens when you truly believe that you are worthy and can have what you desire.

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