LCM: a sparkly bracelet, inspiration moments, and many miracles.

Life Changing Moments



Pretty Bracelet Moment



I’ve really been wanting a wrap bracelet, but really didn’t want one that looked the one’s I’ve seen everywhere. Since I always wear gold-colored jewelry and these white beads sparkle and pop… this one was exactly what I had been looking for. :) You can find it here: Francesca’s Collection.


Little Creation Moment



Every year I talk about making a vision/inspiration board, and every year I don’t. For me, it seemed like so much drama to flip through fifty thousand magazines to find the images I want. This year I decided to search for images via Pinterest and make some digital boards to post as my Facebook cover photo, Twitter background, and Welcome Page. I will write a little more about vision boards on an upcoming blog.

So since I wanted something to represent on the board, I made this little guy. Isn’t it cute? It isn’t a permanent logo fix, but I’m happy with it currently.

You can see various versions of my inspiration board at the above links, but here is a little snippet of one.



Miracle Minded Moments


So the other night, I was sitting in the counseling center between clients eating my veggie won-tons and found this in my fortune cookie. I LOVED this little message the following reasons.

*This particular day happened to be the last day of January and I wanted to post something on my Facebook and Twitter about my excitement for the miraculous month I had on the blog and in life. The above looked like a fun way to do so. I started supervised clinical practicum in January and was feeling positive and like I was off to a great start as a future therapist and had, as of that day, 4,391 hits on the blog during January. Compared to the 496 hits in October – this felt like a big accomplishment.

*I have been reading a book called A Course in Miracles.

The Course teaches that a miracle is merely a shift from fear to love. This means that every time you override your fearful mind, your doubt, your worry, and choose love instead you experience a miracle. Each time you experience a pattern of negative thoughts, yet notice it, let it go, and take care of yourself the way you deserve to be taken care of, that’s a miracle. You don’t deserve to be caught in a whirlwind of pessimistic perceptions. This also means when you feel pain from the hurtful words from your past, are reminded of people who were supposed to be their for you, but let you down, or any other super difficult experience, but forgive anyway, this is a miracle.

For me this means every time I decide not to care what others think about what I am doing with my life, writing on my blog, or wearing on my body and resolve to love myself the way I am while shamelessly following what I believe is the right path for me, that’s a miracle. Loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved, viewing the your strengths and life you’ve been given with gratitude, and deciding to positively perceive the shittiest circumstances – are miraculous moments.

This doesn’t mean any of us are to deny our negative feelings – disregarding your internal world is psychologically unhealthy and will put you in all sorts of denial. It just means when you experience negative or unpleasant feelings treat them as real and important, yet move toward a mindset that brings you peace.


A shift from fear to love, that’s it. Now whether you call this beautiful moment a miracle or not is really not very important… but I believe the shift from negative to positive perceptions will bring you all kinds of happiness.



That’s why the fortune cookie felt like one little reminder that following my heart, believing in my gifts, and actively letting go of fear of other’s opinions always seems to give me platform to share what I know and have some small influence on this big huge world. I’m grateful for that. And, for me, this gratitude feels like a miracle too.


Love to you all today.



Amanda Frances

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