Four Principles for Freedom in the New Year

Four Principles for Creating What You Desire in Life + Business:

1. Owning your desires + being the real you. Who are you when you feel like yourself? Who are you when you’re not holding back? Who are you when you’re being your best self — your most youiest you. I’m bold, and I’m loud, and I’m confident, and I’m sure, and I trust myself, and I trust the process, and I trust the God in me. I feel anchored to the heart of God, I feel stable in who I am and what I believe. When you trust your heart and your soul and your desires, you can create offers that have no good reason to sell. You can create content just because you believe in it. You can create what’s just simply aligned in your heart and soul. You can create based on your desires when you know who you are, you like who you are, and you trust yourself.

2. Shattering the illusion. When we start saying things like: “I believe in manifestation, but it doesn’t work for me in business,” or “I believe in the principle that I can co-create whatever I want, but it doesn’t work in my relationships,” that is the illusion. When we start believing that our power doesn’t exist and doesn’t apply to certain areas of our lives, that is the illusion. When we give away our power and believe the fear, and doubt, and chaos, and anxiety more than we believe in our own selves, more than we believe in the God within us, that is when we fall into the illusion. That is when we become trapped in ideas that were never actually mother f*ing real.

3. Rising up + assuming the energy of being on the other side. The energy of being on the other side is: It’s already been done. I already have more clients. I already have more money. It’s already mine. It’s been mine since the beginning of time. It’s the feeling of, oh, that’s actually already sorted and now I’m just walking it out on the planet as a human, but it’s already been sorted in the spiritual realm. It’s already been sorted because it’s my birthright to feel good. It’s my birthright to be happy. It’s my birthright to live my calling. Our limiting beliefs tell us that there is a block, there is an upper limit, there is something we need to do. So if there’s nothing to do, and only something to walk out, and you were already on the other side, how would you feel right now? What would you do right now? Is there anything else that would be going on right now that you can go ahead and feel into and bring that energy into your space now?

4. Releasing victim stories. Sometimes we feel like we have to be in a victim story. We have to be the underdog in our own minds. We have to believe that we’re the person that it’s so unlikely for the good thing to happen to so we can then overcome. And then because we overcame, we now believe we’re worthy of the success story. But what if we were worthy of the success story all along? What if we never had to be the underdog, tell the victim’s story, or think lowly of ourselves. What if we didn’t have to have the abusive dynamic or the toxic dysfunctional situation to break out of something to let ourselves be great? What if we could just f*ing be great? What if you could just be great now because you decided? Don’t get me wrong, we will always take any bad things that happen to us — because we’re human beings living life, and life sometimes hurts — we will always take all those things and use them for good, but there’s this misconception in a lot of our minds that the bad things have to happen to let ourselves have the good things… but what if we could just have the good things?

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