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When ever I am training the people in my Become a Life-Coach courses, they all at some point say to me, “But… Who am I to be a Life-Coach?”

They think they are qualified because they don’t have a particular degree or training, but even the people with all the degrees and trainings have the exact same freak out.

The freak out has nothing to do with our qualifications or ability to help people… the freak out has to do with our perceived worth, our belief in our gifts, and our mindset.

I even had the freak out. A few years ago I desired strongly to be a life-coach who ran her own practice. I was nearly finished with my masters in counseling and I knew in my soul that the counseling internships that were out there in the world were not right for me. I saw the lifestyle, the initial pay, and the hours and I was like “Nope!”

All I wanted to do in life was help others, make money, and travel. Like that’s all.

And I suspected for that life-coaching was the answer for me. I would be able to work from anywhere, I can set my rates, and my job is literally to support others.

It is like the best job on the planet.

But back to my freak out…

So I am finishing my masters degree and I am coming up the 5 year anniversary of leaving a cult (I’m not even kidding — click here to read that one) and I am thinking, “But what if I fail? But what will people think? What if it doesn’t work?” And of course the classic, “Who am I to be a life-coach?”

Divinely, I was led to take a course Gabrielle Bernstein was offering called God is my Publicists and heard her say, “If you have a positive message to share, it is your responsibility to get it heard” and I took that to mean “If I have a gift to give then it is my responsibility to make sure I give it.”

My life mantra became, “My work is of high service and worthy of compensation. The universe supports this work. I give my gifts and am well compensated.”

I said it over and over and over. I dealt with every single limiting belief that opposed it. I began to believe it. And it worked.

I got clients. My business grew. I felt confident. I felt successful and super worthy of compensation.

Until It was time to raise my rates. 

I had raised them tiny amounts of few times before, but this time, I knew this time I was for real.

I had the next freak out every single woman business owner I know has… “… but who am I to take more money from these people?”

“WHO AM I TO ASK FOR MORE MONEY?!” “Isn’t this enough?” “I am so greedy?” “What will people think of me.”

This thought tripped me up for like literally an entire summer.

I played with rates. I played with packages. I changed my prices around. I got mad at myself for charging more. Than I lowered my rates and got mad at myself for charging less.

It was, for real, a struggle.

Finally I was guided to various books and videos and info that reminded me of the truth I knew:

Money isn’t good or bad. Money isn’t right or wrong. It’s all up to me.


How much do I want to make?

What do I want to do with that money?

Why is it important that I earn this money?

How does me earning it serve my purpose on this planet?

How will I use this resource (money) to support others on their journeys?

“Oh right,” I thought. “I have to bring this back to my purpose. Like, duh.”


Finally I got my head straight. And everything changed.

Clients wanted extra sessions… People were flying to Dallas to do retreats with me… People were signing up like crazy.

And all I did was drop the struggle and execute the same process I do for clearing any limiting belief and attracting what I want.

I have (finally) turned this process of getting clear, forgiving, zoning into purpose, setting goals, believing, and attracting into a program.

And I am SO excited to launch it on December 1st.


(To learn more click: Money Mentalities Makeover)




And now, to this week’s FREE training video!

This week I cover two important topics:

1. I talk about where our crazy beliefs around money often come from (starting at 0:23).

2. I address the who “Who am I to have money?!” big-fat lie that we tell ourselves, why it is so bull shit, and why YOU out of everyone on the planet deserve abundance (starting at 2:47).



I know your life is beyond busy, so I am super happy that you chose to spend a few minutes here today!

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  1. This is such an important topic! You are totally right… Money is energy and if we put out good vibes that we are abundant regardless of the money in our wallet, the universe will always provide. This looks like it is going to be an awesome course! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and keep shining :)

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