free training: money mentality make-over part 3


Ps: It’s not about the money.

This course is, obviously about money, but it’s not REALLY about money.

The issues we experience around money are just symptoms.

Symptoms of how we see the world and what we believe about ourselves.

Yes, you can use the Law of Attraction or Wealth Consciousness Principals to earn/attract/receive more money in the immediate, but if you don’t deal with what lies underneath, you won’t solve much of anything at all.

One of the reason’s I feel my Money Mentality Makeover Online Course is special is because I don’t just stop at teaching you the laws and principals, but aim to help you raise your entire self-concept and perceived self-worth. It is one of my intentions to make sure that you leave the program not just feeling abundant, but feeling good enough, worthy, qualified, and beyond effing awesome.

Money Heart

From the place of knowing that you are enough is where everything else has to flow from.

If you address your underlying doubts, fears, internalized struggles, and limiting beliefs around money — you can change your money game for real, long term.

Enjoy your third and final video!


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I love you forever,

Amanda Frances

3 thoughts to “free training: money mentality make-over part 3”

  1. remember: you did not waste. you simply, circulated currency. part of attracting money is spending money. when you spend, spend in the energy of gratitude and abundance.
    “i am so thankful for the funds to buy these groceries right now. i am so thankful to have more than enough.” and then swipe your card.
    love you, sister! xo

  2. You are SO authentic in this video and I freakin love it. Your truth is totally inspiring!

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