A Fresh Perspective on Debt





Today’s topic is so so so so good! Eeeeeek!

DEBT!! Do you have it? Do you feel guilty about it? Do you feel less than worthy because of it? Is it ALWAYS in the back of your head?!

Let’s change that.

From time to time someone in my Money Mentality Makeover Online Course ($100 off happening now: read more) will say something like this to me: “But… I have… DEBT!” As if having debt is something that means that: 1. You aren’t worthy of abundance 2. The principals for wealth and abundance now won’t work for you 3. The Universe is now unable to have your back or 4. God is super mad at you.

And it’s all Bull Shit.

As I’ve said before, what we focus on expands. Focusing on anything that makes you feel not good enough or less than is SIMPLY not serving you. Focusing on debt, keeps you from focusing on abundance and seeing the debt for what it is: A choice to pay off something over time. When you focus on debt, you give your power to debt.


In this video I share with you some facts and tips to help you FEEL BETTER quickly and begin to think differently about your debt differently. I also share with you how I raise my energy around money, super quickly. I also share exactly how much student loan debt I have. (Hint: it’s a lot) But I don’t care, I choose to make a lot of money and see the debt fading away quickly.

It is my intention that this video helps you: take your power back, view debt completely differently, feel amazing about making your payments, and get yourself in a better financial and spiritual place immediately.





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  1. Can you explain what it means if you’re manifesting a lot of money but then suddenly you get a letter half of it has to be refunded due to student loan debt due to taxes? Would this be a sign of clearing my money past? love your work!

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