Get Paid To Change The World


Nearly eight years ago I started my business.

I started out as a life coaching and over time began helping others to start online businesses.

Eventually, I began creating digital courses to train women on various aspects of growing coaching businesses and personal development brands.

Today my company, Amanda Frances Inc, has exceeding my dreams, generating over $100k each month in cash money for the last 21 consecutive months. (Currently generating $250k each month.)

I've made lots of mistakes.

And I've done a lot right, too.

My intention is always to be super honest about how it's all gone down... and super generous by sharing as much free content as possible.

I'm here to tell the whole truth about what has worked and really, really not worked as I have grown my online coaching business and personal development brand.

That's how this training series came about.

I recorded it 2.5 years ago and the concepts + techniques I share remain true.

In the videos I share some of my super favorite info about how I started and grew the business.

I believe that by you watching these videos and doing the guided inner work included, you can save yourself months, even years, of misdirected and confused action in your business.

In this first video, I guide you through some super important and potentially life changing homework around how to bring the perfect clients into your business.

I know that by watching theses videos and answering the questions below the video, that you can save yourself months, even years, of misdirected and confused action in your business.

The training is completely free and available now! YAY!

If you...

 You desire to earn money by helping others?

 You are ready for more meaning and purpose in your career?

 You want to make your own schedule and work from anywhere?

 More than anything, you really really want to make a difference in this world?

 It is your dream to be of high service to the world and also be financially supported...?
In this free three-part video training series, Amanda Frances shares:

 Behind the scenes of starting an online business.

 The non-negotiable attitude and daily action you'll need to make it.

 The super simply business principal that has grows my audience by at least 1k each month.

 The three questions you must be able to answer to attract the right clients to you.

 How to continually sell your work without ever feeling gross or salesy.

 BONUS: The first step of starting the right business for you.

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