Hey! You can get Un-Stuck!! Here’s how:

Life Changing Mantras: 

Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. – Gandhi

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. – Gandhi

Be the change. – Gandhi

Every day, your Soul offers you loving guidance. Are you reading the signs? – Sue Krebs



The universe/life/god has my back. It is safe to trust.

What I need will be given to me. what does not serve me will be removed.

I do less things. I enjoy each thing more.



You are NEVER stuck.

You always have a choice.

It is up to you.

You have the power to change your life.

In one area or another, you may feel like you are stuck. When we feel stuck/stifled/boxed-in/obligated/without a choice, we often dwell on why we can’t leave and get ourselves tripped up thinking of all the negative repercussions for doing what we truly want to do. You, better than anyone else, know why you “have to” stay in that job or that relationship, but the truth is… you don’t.

You have ultimate freedom.

There are actually infinite possibilities/opportunities for your life/happiness that you are not seeing right now.

When something isn’t working, there is always a better way.

You can get unstuck.

Here’s how:

1. Ask.
“God/Universe/Angels/Higher Self/Internal Guidance/Source/Life/Soul/Whatever Is Out There, I need help with this situation. Please help me to see things differently. Thank you in advance for helping me to find a better way.”
Sometimes it takes me a long time to remember to ask. I can be perplexed or confused about something for days, but without fail, once I ask… I am guided.

2. Be open to guidance.
You will be led. You will receive exactly what you need. A friend at lunch may give you new hope. A radio commercial could give you a new idea. Your boss could implement a new policy. You may experience a new thought which causes a shift in perception so that you are able to find what you need in the current situation.
Your mantra during this step is “What I need will be given to me. What does not serve me will be removed.”

3. Act.
Receive the guidance. More than once, after I prayed this way, I realized that I was effing hungry and my low blood sugar was causing me to be in a bad mood and just needed to eat to get rid of the hangrys (hungry + angry) lol. That may sound silly, but it’s true. You may be led to call a friend, go to bed early, take a nap, sign up for a class/program, etc. You may be led to a coach or mentor (like me — click here) that can help you. A client recently told me that she had been thinking about finding a professional to help her and randomly an article I posted on Facebook led her to get in touch with me. She was open to guidance and it showed up. Let yourself feel inspired and trust your instincts. 
Getting unstuck doesn’t mean giving up/bailing/running away. For example, you may not be led out of the relationship. You instead may be led to hug your partner more and do the dishes. You may be led to see the relationship/your part in the relationship differently. You may be led to work on yourself as your partner brings out in you some things that are unhealed in you. What you are led to may seem insignificant, but no little right action is too small to make a big difference over time. Big or small — be guided.

4. Repeat.
Continue to communicate with what you believe in. Guidance is always available. There is always another way. You are not stuck. There is no need to hesitate in asking. The Divine is always listening and always desiring to help you.


You are never stuck.

You were made to thrive & effing love your life.

Be open to guidance & be led.


I love you,

Amanda Frances




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