get present, get happy: twelve ways to get present quickly

welcome to another day of endless possibilities


Saturday has become our designated self-love day and i love that, but this week I made the commitment to add a little self-love to every day. I found silence in the mornings, journaled in the evenings and took a little time to center in and just be with myself in whatever I was engaged in each day. Because of this, I had a seriously incredible week.

It’s amazing that when we take the time to love ourselves that we open up and find the space to share more with others and give more away. Self-love isn’t always about pampering. Pampering can be good (I definitely got a mani-pedi this week) but it is about so much more than that. It is about enjoying every moment for what it is. it’s about shifting focus away from future worries or past problems and delighting in whatever you are doing (or not doing) right then.

When you love yourself enough to know that you deserve happiness, and know that happiness is available to you all the time when present, than becoming present is non-negotiable. it is essential on the path to happiness.

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Twelve Quick Practices To Centering In & Getting Present:

1. Go outside and take a moment to think of nothing but how the sun feels on your skin. Notice the internal delight in the silent, still moment.

2. Read a book and get caught up in the pages.

3. Listen to music. Feel the music.

4. Workout without thinking much about how many minutes until you can stop. Feel each bead of sweat pour down your face. Be thankful for your legs.

5. Grab a blank piece of paper and write down everything on your mind. No filter. Give yourself permission to tell the truth about how you feel. Allow yourself to feel what it is you truly feel.

6. Be gentle with yourself when some of these things aren’t easy.

7. Forgive yourself quickly for not being so gentle.

8. Have a conversation with someone and really listen to the emotion and meaning behind what they are saying.

9. Give something away.

10. De-clutter a closet. Remind yourself that you are not the things you own.

11. At bedtime, feel the sheets on your skin. Notice the roof over your head. Fill your lungs with air. Acknowledge your breath and your life.

12. In your mind, come up with as many things as you can to be thankful for. Tell whatever you believe in, “Thank You.” Know you’ve done enough. Rest.


Enjoy your Saturday! Upload any self-love moments to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #selflovesat and join our Self Love Facebook Group: here.



Love to you all, always.




Amanda Frances