Getting Solid Inside of You

The Content:

* Video One -- Social Media Slay Strategies: The internal hack that creates consistency without trying. Simplifying your plan of action so that you know what two things to focus on each day. Building your presence on the only thing that is reliable in a world of ever changing algorithms and strategies. The energy that creates a loving, supportive community of humans who follow your work and love to pay you. How to pivot, evolve and 'rebrand' naturally. The energy created a wildly sustainable business.

* Video Two -- Create a Community, Body, and Business through Unapologetic Love. How to create real lasting change in life and business while loving the shit out of yourself. How accepting my body allowed it to change (applies to everything). The inner love that supports you in sharing your face, soul and body online as you choose. (Let’s talk body image.) Releasing all guilt and obligation around success and/or money (toward anyone -- including your family and team). Breaking patterns when you find yourself creating more and more of what you don't want. Becoming your own source for everything you want.

* Video Three -- Your Rules. Your Way. Your Intentional Results. Allowing your next level in. Trusting your flow as you are led. The full story of buying my first multimillion dollar home. Navigating ever changing online platforms, algorithms, and trends. How I manage to work all day and play all day and somehow never miss a beat or a paycheck. The work schedule that works for me no matter where I am in the world. How to allow your business to support your life instead of using your life force to support your business.

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* Video Nine