Grace is God Filling in the Gap

I have something on my heart to share with you.

Recently while being interviewed, I was asked what grace means to me.

To me, grace is the thing that fills in the gaps.

Grace is when I do everything I know to do and it shouldn’t be enough and then it is anyway.

Grace brings together all of the unseen pieces I couldn’t have known I needed

Grace is the thing that makes it work together when it shouldn’t

Grace is the thing you don’t deserve, but it doesn’t matter.

Because love. Because God. Because grace.
Because deciding you are worthy.
The thing about me is this: I work hard. I don’t give up. I take responsibility for my life and my choices.
I do what is required to create what I want. I do everything I know to do. Every day.
But there’s been many times when that shouldn’t have been enough. And it was.
The amount of money I was making didn’t make sense for the tiny audience I had.
How did it always work? How did I always find enough clients?
I always received the amount of money I was an energetic match for (once I understood how money worked) even when my situations it shouldn’t have been enough to create it.
To me grace is the ability to have a beautiful, magnificent, extraordinary life while being wildly human and imperfect.
Because you know, decide, expect, believe, ask and trust.
No matter how much you feel you don’t know. No matter how you feel you’ve fallen short so far.
Grace is the fact that you are beyond good enough deep within you. Because you are.
Grace is the thing that makes everything not quite so fragile. Grace is the reason you don’t have to be preoccupied with getting everything just right all of the time. Grace is the substance that fills in that gaps as you put your heart and soul into your dreams, goals, and relationships.
This doesn’t mean that there is no consequences. It doesn’t mean to abandon your sense of right and wrong. It actually means the opposite. It means to trust fully in your sense of what’s feels right for you and your business while ignoring all should’s, supposed-to, and ridiculous rules that you’ve picked up along the way. Asking yourself regularly, “Who says that that’s the way things have to be?!”
The Bible says it this way: “God’s grace is sufficient for you. His grace is made perfect for you in your weakness.”
Do the things you long to do. Say what you really have to say in (life and online). Make the move. Trust yourself.
More often than not, there will be room to change your mind, rearrange it all or do it differently next time if you so choose.
Because grace.
I think you’re going to love this video:

And you have grace upon grace upon grace as long as you realize you do.
You are good enough. You won’t mess this up. It’s time to trust yourself. And go big.
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