Green Juice: A love affair



I don’t know about y’all, but for me when something is tasty and pretty and gives me all the nutrients I need in a day, I fall in love with it. 

I love Green Juice

I have tried every combo of the below ingredients, but my green juice today has ALL of the above.

  • + Apple
  • + Celery
  • + Cucumber
  • + Ginger
  • + Kale
  • + Lemon
  • + Parsley
  • + Spinach


It’s from one of my new favorite places, Buda Juice in Dallas’ West Village. As their website says, “Honest and crisp. Leafy greens. Spicy ginger. Tangy lemon. Hint of sweet apple. A staple in your life—packed with calcium, iron, vitamins, as well as other vital nutrients—will detoxify and protect.”

It feels good to be green!
Read more about my Green Juice love +PLUS+ how to make, where to buy, and all its benefits here!
Love you!
Amanda Frances

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