How to Grow your Life-Coaching Business Bigger and Faster

bigger and faster


Scene: Walgreens at the corner of Oak Lawn and Cedar Springs Road in Dallas, Texas. Sunday night. March 13, 2011. 9 pm. Buying toothpaste. Deciding I was going to go home and become a life-coach.

I figured if I could just learn how to make a website and get followers on twitter then I could totally get people to hire me to be their life coach. (lol)

I knew nothing about marketing. I knew nothing about sales. I knew nothing about business.

I just knew God had given me a gift and I had to figure out how to share it.

I didn’t know one single person in the world calling themselves a life coach besides Paris’s life-coach, Terrance, on Gilmore Girls. And he wasn’t a very good example.

I was getting my Masters in Counseling a couple days a week and nannying the rest of the time and I felt so damn crippled and boxed in and like I had so much to give yet no outlet to give it. SO when a professor during my weekend class off handedly made a joke about life coaches, fireworks began to go off in my brain.

“Why wait?” I thought. “I’ll just go home and do that.”

I wish I had a screen shot of that first website I stayed up all night to figure out how to create. It was super embarrassing. But I didn’t care. (Well I kind of cared). But my self consciousness was nothing compared to the exhilarating passion I felt moving through me.

9 months later when I still did not have one single client — was not exhilarating.


And I made it. Obvi. I did. I am here. Thank you God.


Clients. Income. Meaning. Fun.

I am regularly blow away with what I get paid to do,  how much I earn, and how faithful God has been. Like nearly daily.


But the process would have gone a hell lot faster had I invested in myself sooner. If I could do it over again, I would have invested in programs from people who had been there and done that a lot sooner. I would have hired a business coach who knew the personal development world a lot sooner. I would have hired an assistant from day one (it’s amazing what someone can do for your website in one hour that would take you one entire day — when you don’t have any idea what the eff you are doing).

There were way many months of not knowing what to do next, how to get clients, and how to charge more.

Like so many of you, I had a shit-ton of money blocks. “Who am I to hire someone? How can I afford that, I am in grad school. Blah blah blah.” (I promise, you can’t afford NOT to when the person you are paying is going to maximizes what you are capable of earning.)


Slowly, but surely,  I dropped every limiting belief about why I couldn’t do this work, why I didn’t have what it takes, and why I couldn’t afford to pay people (#bullshit) and everything I needed showed up. I hired the people who I needed help from, I signed up for courses that beyond served me, and I followed my heart.


You have SO much in you to give. You have a plethora of gifts, knowledge, and buried insight dying to be uncovered. You have everything in you necessary to do your part to change the world and make a great life for yourself. You are so capable. You have so much to offer. The world needs you so badly.


In the video below I riff on what it was like to do it alone and how much finding a spiritual community and professional support has helped me.



So will you go big? There is help available for you.


It is my intention to help others know their worth and be paid to create a business that lines up with their hearts desires. 


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I’m here for you, boo.