Handling Taxes in Your Growing Business



Here is the deal:

Any reason that you don’t want to earn money, believe earning money is bad, believe that some aspect of earning money will be unfavorable to you… will stop you from earning money, growing your business and building wealth.

Clients and course students say to me all of the time “… but don’t you pay SO much in taxes?”

Well, obviously, yes. I make a fuck ton of money.

What I paid in taxes last year was double what I used to earn in a whole year.

Since, I triple my companies revenue every year, I will pay even more this year…

BUT — the thing is — if I let some sort of fear of paying taxes hinder my desire for money, it would stunt my growth.

I am proud of how much I pay in taxes. It is a symbol of my growth.

Money paid means money made.


In this vlog, I riff on my perspective/belief system around paying taxes.

In the video I explain:

I love paying taxes.

Paying taxes is me supporting my country.

I am support streets, schools, and servicemen. I am proud to pay my taxes.

I choose to be overjoyed and thrilled to be in the highest tax bracket.

I’m going to say it again: Money paid means money made.

Of course, I have a tax accountant to help me make smart decisions, but…

Not wanting to pay money is going to block you from wanting to make money.

As we wrap our 2017 financial goals, let’s choose to not tell stories around taxes, but instead to inform ourselves on best practices/hire people to guide us, make smart decisions, and allow how much we pay in taxes to be a symbol of what incredible business women we are/our incredible growth.

What do you think? What are your tax fears? Let me know in the comments below!

I love you!