Holding The Vision Meditation

holding the vision meditation

Hi Pretty Friends!

If you haven’t noticed, while I am traveling I am sharing all the vlogs/meditations that I shot in the past year that were never released.

This probably my favorite meditation I have ever recorded.

I shot it while I was at a retreat center in the Berkshire Mountains in the Fall. I was in the zone.

I had a message + meditation moment to share with you guys. And it’s… life changing.

Like I said in the video, what I we often forget to remember is that each of us are someone’s connection to the Divine. You being here on Earth, shining your light, living your life boldly, sharing your truth, and doing your work — you are the God that people see. You are the representation of love and light. You are what reminds them to connect to the Divine.

And when you live in that place and you choose to go big, you are doing the work of the Divine (God/Universe/Highest Good — whatever you want to call it). And that is everything. You are connected to heaven and you are bringing the light from Heaven into the world and that’s the most important work that there could ever be.

And with that in mind, it’s our job to connect to our light/our inner truth each day. It’s our job to grow and share our light with the world.

In the meditation in the video below, I lead you through connecting with and growing your inner light.

Your light is your passion. It’s your truest desires. It’s the passion that burns within you. It’s the thing that continues to tell you that you were made for more. It’s your hope, calling, and peace. Your light is the reason you’re alive.

Hold the vision for your truest desires.

See yourself where you are going. See it. Know what you are here to give and feel the feelings of giving it.

Know that it is possible. Know that the only way you can get there is for God to order your steps.

Know that the Universe is thrilled/over-the-moon/chorus of angels rejoicing to work with you.

Hold the vision every day and you will be guided to release what you need to release and clear what you need to clear and create the habits you need to create and take the steps that are needed to get you where you are going.

That is a contract the Universe is always willing to sign.

If you do your part, the part that you can not do yourself will be done for you.

Trust in divine timing. Know that every step will be laid out for you.

I love you so much.

What did you think of this meditation? What vision are you holding on to? Let me know in the comments below!

PS: I’d love to have more of you in my world.

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