Good Morning Lovers!


So after the official bachelorette weekend in LA, I gave myself a day and to travel by my lonesome and have Amanda-time! Thank Heavens!

I love to travel alone and find myself looking for opportunities to do so often. My real life is always busy and planned so my favorite thing to do on alone-vaca-days is EXPLORE with no agenda!


I dress cute, wander, and take pictures! This makes me happy.


{Never Lost – Always Wandering}


Let Curiosity Rule: I make sure to see any famous thing that I’ve been curious about as I wander.

So on this day I decide to figure out how to hike near the Hollywood Sign.


I made it!


Do as locals do: Other than seeing a famous attraction or two, when I travel, I try to keep it non-touristy. I find it much more interesting to get a feel for local shops, restaurants, and culture than to hang out where all the other out-of-towners are.

I prefer to meet Italians while in Italy, not Texans. You get the idea.


I also like to wander around the parts of town I’d like to live in if I were to someday move to the city I’m visiting.


Enjoy the culture: I like to do fun, healthy things that can’t necessarily be done where I live.

 So on this trip I hiked and did yoga in Runyon Canyon and picked fruit right of off trees.


Make Friends: I also like to talk to people and ask questions about the city. I did this at an adorable/amazing coffee shop called Bricks and Scoans and also at Cafe Gratitude

(PS: if you enjoy healthy eating and positive affirmations – you MUST visit Cafe Gratitude – the menu items are named things such as “I am gorgeous” and “I am loved”).

I also got to chat with some LA fire fighters as they came to the rescue when I found myself with a flat tire (there really are nice people everywhere you go – you just have to look!)



Reflect: I also conclude each day on my alone-vaca-days with a meal to myself and journaling. I indulged in the Ahi Three Ways Salad and some sort of amazing green tea at The Farm of Beverly Hills before heading to LAX!


Be great company to yourself and have a you day soon!


Amanda Frances

Disclaimer: When traveling alone you must use your brain and stay aware. If things start looking sketchy then turn around, if someone seems like a creepster then keep your space, don’t go alone anywhere with someone you don’t know, always take care of your own transportation, and trust your instincts – if you feel that something isn’t safe, it probably isn’t…