How Amanda Frances Manifested Her First House

Hi loves.

I am so excited to share this with you!

During a training, someone asked me to share more about the house I had recently purchased.

While I am a co-investor for two multifamily units, this was the first house I purchased on my own as a solo investor.

AND I sort of love love love this story as I as it’s full of manifesting goodness and wisdom!


So, here we go:

To tell you a little background, there is this thing I do around places I want to live.

I’ve actually been doing it for years.

When I’m visiting a city, and I stumble upon a neighborhood I feel energetically connected to and desire to live in someday, I make a silent (but powerful) request:

“God, I want to live here.”

These moments are full of decision and knowing and confident asking.


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While in college, I was visiting Dallas with friends. I remember driving through a neighborhood with super good vibes and stating my request.

As we drove, I noticed the top a beautiful temple above the trees.

A few years later while living in Dallas for grad school, while searching for my next lease, I ended up in the same neighborhood but didn’t realize it.

I felt very, very drawn to a certain neighborhood and certain street. We found a house with a red door that I loved. As we drove away, I saw the top of the temple.


“Omg. I prayed to live here.”

I ended up leasing that house for my final two years in Dallas.



Another time, in my early 20s, I drove with two girlfriends friends from Tulsa, Oklahoma to California.

(Literally, we drove all night and each took 8-hour drivings shifts.)

I had thought I wanted to go to Pepperdine for grad school.

They came with me to see Malibu.

There was a sign as you crossed the city limit that said, “Welcome to Malibu.”

I stood by that sign and I took a picture.

I prayed my usual prayer:

“God. I need to live here.”

Today, I live less than a mile from that sign.

The same thing happened when it came to the house I purchased this year.


As you guys may know, I grew up in a tiny town called Sand Springs, outside of Tulsa.

On the way to Tulsa from Sand Springs, there is a row of townhouses that you can see from the highway that I’ve loved my whole life.

When I was little, I called them the “San Francisco Houses” as they reminded me of the Painted Lady houses that you can see during the opening of Full House.

Fast forward a lot of years: In 2009, I was on my regular Sunday bike ride.

I biked from my University, down the river, and was heading toward downtown when I stopped in front of the houses and prayed.

For whatever reason, that day, I didn’t just ask to live there someday.

I asked to own one of those houses.


Years go by, I live my life and start my business and blah blah.

I began to know intuitively that my first house was going to be in Tulsa.

None of my family lives in Tulsa anymore, so after Christmas, I purposely visited Tulsa by myself to look at houses.

I spent days looking and didn’t like any of them. Nothing felt right.

I wanted something that I could live in if I wanted to (if I ever want a place in my hometown) but something I could also rent out right away.

I needed it to be both things, and none of the houses really worked for both things.

I continued my life and travels. My agent texted me houses every day.

Still, none of the houses were right.


I started being very bad at replying to the texts. I was over it.

Then one day she told me she found the house.

I open it up and it was one of the effing San Francisco Houses.

Right there. On the hill. By the river. Near downtown.

The houses I loved my whole life and prayed to own.

I knew instantly that it was the house I would purchase.


My agent went and saw it straight away. She facetimed me while she was walking through the house.

This was also the same week as the Money Mentality Makeover launch so it wasn’t like I just had extra time to buy a house.

But when it’s right, it’s right.

I put on an offer, the agents did the things, negotiations were made, paperwork and more paperwork was submitted, downpayment was wired, and it was closed.

I own the house.


If we’re talking about this from a manifestation perspective then I must say:

Everything we ask for is always desiring to make its way into our lives.

As the saying goes: Anything you want, wants you.

And when there is no resistance or belief that we can’t have the thing, it will naturally show up.


In this case, I believed I could have it.

There was no resistance.

There was no doubt, fear, or lies around why it wouldn’t work.

I was so unattached to the house that it just… flowed in.

There are certain things that feel impossible for you to receive.

There are other things that feel natural and obvious to receive.

It is important to remember, that there is no order of difficulty when it comes to miracles or manifestation.


$4 is the same as $4,000,000.

If you want something you do have resistance around, you can fully change your thoughts, change your mind, change your energy, realign, and get yourself nonresistant about that thing.

Which is why I believe the ‘heavy lifting’ of manifesting is always getting your mind and energy behind the thing you want.

And that is a choice we all always have.

The ease in which you receive is fully and always up to you.

There is no barrier between you and what you want.

The cosmic forces of good are never withholding from you.

It all comes down to what you are willing to allow yourself to have.


In today’s video, I share more able manifestation and also apply this concept to setting financial goals.



Check out the video above! Leave any questions you have for me in the comments below!

I love you so much!