Leaving a Cult: How I Learned to Follow My Heart

How I Learned to Follow My Heart-1

Hello beautiful soul!

Today is a really important day for me.

Eight years ago today, I took one of  the biggest leap of my life.

I ran away from an incredibly abusive, controlling, and isolated environment 1,166 miles from home.

I was in a cult. 

Driving down A1A Beach Blvd in the early morning of Nov. 1st, 2007, I left with a clear intention: To follow my every dream.

And I have.

I am. 

Two degrees, lots of world travels, a thriving business… I continue to created the life of my dreams.

I’ve asked God to help me take the situation I was in and help me use it for good… to make me better and possibly make others better because of what I went through.

And I believe we have.

I am now a woman who now shouts from the rooftops: “Ignore the rules! There is no such thing as supposed to! Follow your heart! You are enough! Your desires are safe guidance! You can do it!” 

And I mean it. I know the slow painful death of what it means to believe that your worth is based on something outside yourself. I know the restriction of believing you aren’t safe unless you follow all the rules and act like a good little girl and do everything you are supposed to. I know what it feels like to be disconnected from my truth, to ignore my desires, and disregard my heart. I knew what if feels like to really believe your dreams are impossible and have no idea where you are going to get the confidence from to go bigger. I really, really know.

Each time I become aware that my dreams and desires are requiring me to expand again and to put myself out there in a bigger way, I remember the girl who somehow found the courage to feel all of the fear and follow her heart anyway. I remember how afraid she was. She was scared to death. By leaving she was told she would loose God, and “be in sin,” and ruin her life beyond repair.

But the dream in her heart was bigger than brainwashing, lies, isolation and fear.

So she looked her fear in the face and said to herself, “If I loose God — he’ll find me.

And she found her way.

She trusted her heart. She followed her intuitive guidance, and she found her way.

Today she’s made it her life mission to set others on the path of trusting the desires of their hearts, ignoring all their own made-up rules and the crazy ideas of the world, and making their own way.

If many, many years of brainwashing and 18 months of isolation in religious cult is what it took to learn my truth.

I’d do it again.

Over and over gain.

Because if I’ve helped just one person to trust their heart and find their way, then it was all worth it.

Have you ever sacrificed it all to follow your heart?!

Comment below to tell me about it or come see me in the Spiritual Bad Ass Boss Ladies group.

Your dreams are everything.

Follow your heart.

Massive fucking love,



PS: See the tattoo on my ankle. It says, “Follow Your Heart.” I got it two years ago today in honor of the girl who had the courage to become me. I love you!

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