My biggest month yet: $186,614.81 (how much money I make)

Hi boss lady!

I know what it’s like to start a business and those around you not believe in your dreams/not understand what you are doing.

They want to support you, but they also don’t get it. And they are inclined to tell you to play it safe.

Here’s the thing: Your heart knows the way. Your souls calling and your inner desire are guiding you.

What your heart is leading you is the only place you want to be. Where your hear is leading you, you have what it takes to do it.

Today on instagra ( I shared a post that revealed how much Amanda Frances Inc grossed last month:

Working for yourself is unstable they said.

Don’t take the risk they said.

Play it safe.

Be practical/realistic/logical.

Follow the rules.

Fit the mold.

Squeeze yourself into the box.

You can’t make it on your own.

What do you know about running a business?

Get a good job. Build your resume. Be appealing to an employer.

Cover your shoulders.

Skirts have to be the length of your finger tips.

Learn to use your inside voice.

You can’t say that word.

You’re just too much for most people.

You won’t make it in the work place.

I know what it feels like and sounds like and brings up in you to step out on your own in business.

I get it. I did it.

I had no idea what I was doing.

… sometimes, I still don’t.

But here is what I know for sure:

I choose me.

I hire me.

I bet on me.

I take risks on me.

I work for me and my dreams.

I am led by my heart and my desires.

I have everything I need, inside of me, to make it.

I’ve got me.

I pay me more than anyone ever will.

Fuck the noise. Drop the excuses. Ignore the limiting ideas.

Who cares what your mom/brother/pastor/grandpa/boyfriend thinks?!

What do you want?! Like really, really want.

That’s what you were made for.

I’m Amanda Frances, and I’m here to be your proof.

If I could do it, you can too.

You’ve got this.

You were made for this.

Your time is now.

Congratulations to me and my team on a $186k month.

(This is our sixth back-to-back six figure month)

That’s not payments booked, that’s payments received.

And… I’m just getting mother fucking started. ❤️

Because slaying is my natural state.

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