How the Energy of ‘Overflow’ Eliminates Debt

I have a lot of controversial beliefs.

Many of the things I teach about money and how to become wealthy are wildly contrary to what the ‘experts’ say.

In line with this, today we are talking about debt.

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Back to clearing all of the funky energy around debt.

Here is the thing: Debt is not good or bad. Debt is a choice to pay something off over time.

When we stop making it a bad thing that you spent on things that you’re now going to pay off over time, you can take the pressure off.

When we put a major emphasis on debt, the fear, doubt, dread, worry and shame add up causing you to feel ‘buried’ by your debt.

Listen to me: Debt does not have that much power over you or your life. It only has the power that you give it.

It doesn’t have to mean anything about you, or your worth, or future success that you have debt.

Many people with debt are afraid to spend, invest, and enjoy life.

They feel that they are not allowed to live a happy life until the debt is gone.

I’ve seen entrepreneurs sabotage their business because they were focusing only on paying off debt to the point that they had no space to enjoy the money that was coming in. From there, they felt little motivation to continue to create, receive, and attract money.

Here is how I paid off my debt…

I decided not to fucking worry about it. I did the practical and spiritual work around money. I was very intentional about becoming a vibrational match for the money I desired.

I was earning more money, and more money, and more money, and I was still not really worrying a lot about the debt.

I wasn’t making it a big deal because I didn’t yet have a strong desire that I’d paid it off.

I wasn’t ignoring debt. I was very aware of how much I had. (I believe in being intimate with your money.) I just wasn’t making the debt mean anything.

Earning and spending were my desires. I allowed myself to create my life in line with those desires.

While I felt guilty around having debt, and believed I was “supposed to” pay it off, my true desire was to grow my business, make a lot of money, travel the world, and purchase the things I wanted.

So, I did.

Eventually I really wanted something different. I got sick of the debt.

And I really wanted to have the experience of having more money in the bank.

During a conversation with my good friend, she said to me, “It’s hot to have a fat bank account.”

I had a shift in that moment. Through the energy of desiring surplus, my debt was eliminated within six months.

The thing is, all my credit cards have stayed paid off because nothing in me has room for this kind of debt anymore. I can’t even imagine having it. (My energetic standards around debt are a lot like the emoji of the blonde girl with her arms crossed into an X.)

To be clear, as I focused strongly on my desire to create overflow or more than enough, the debt became irrelevant. I began to have more money than I knew what to do with, so I obviously paid off the debt.

And because I had made a clear decision that it no longer had a place in my life, it never came back.

But I didn’t focus on debt, I focused on overflow.

I focused on more than enough.

I focused on earning so much more than I could spend, that debt was naturally eliminated from my life.   

When you focus on that debt, you put a lot of pressure on yourself and you focus a lot of energy on a thing that you don’t even want.

It’s not shocking that debt often increases in this energetic state. And when you pay it off, you manifest the same amount of debt right back again. (This is the amount of debt that you are currently an energetic match for.

You have an energetic minimum and maximum around everything. And right now your availability for debt may not serving you.

But this can change.

I think you’ll love (and feel tremendous relief from) today’s video.

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These are some of the most powerful trainings on money I have ever created.

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