How to Always Make the Right Decision (You can’t fuck it up)

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I got this question during a live training the other day:

What do you do when you don’t know what you are being guided to do?

I so resonate with this question!

There was definitely a time in my life where I thought trumpets were supposed to sound when I received guidance from the divine.

Like… God was supposed to get out a mic and audibly speak to me so I could know what to do.

This made making decisions was really hard… and really complicated.

Even small decisions felt like this massive thing that I could totally mess up.

I remember my friend in college, who went on to be a famous minister, saying to me when I was freaking out about a guy I liked and whether to date him:

Amanda, God’s will is not so fragile that you can drop it and break it.

That always stayed with me.



Here is the thing:

You can figure things out. You can try things out. You can feel a little (or a lot) uncertain.

You can live.

Doing the “right” thing or making the right decision is not so fragile that you can drop it and break it.

And that has become very true in my life as I embody and live this message.

You can’t eff it up.

So here is the deal:

It is safe for me to try things in business.

It is safe for me to try things out in life.

It is safe for me to try things out in love.

It is safe for me to live my life.

The pressure is self-imposed.

The pressure is restricting AF.

The idea that you could mess it up or fail or that one wrong move or decision could derail everything…

… makes it nearly impossible to live.

And fully impossible to follow your heart and do the damn thing in your business.

These ideas keep you stuck and small.

Here is your new core belief: You can not and you will not eff it up.

This is my guidance system: I tune into myself and my heartfelt desires/longings of my soul.

I tune into what feels right for me.

And most importantly, I tune into what I WANT.

Not what is the most practical or logical.

Not after all the fears that come up when I analyze it for ten years.

Not based on all the worst case scenarios, but what do you want.

In my experience, it is safe to follow my desires.

It safe to follow your desires. Your desires are a safe guidance system to making the right decisions for you.

It can be as simple as this:

“Do I desire to meet that friend / launch that thing /work with that client / go on that date?”

What is your response in your body when you ask yourself that question.

For me, a yes sounds like ease. And grace. And flow. And “Of course.” And excitement.

And wouldn’t that be fun/amazing/exciting/too easy!

I pay attention to the gut hit that shows up BEFORE all of the negative ideas can emerge.

Before all the negative or limiting ideas pop up, do you feel like that is something that you want to do?

Does it feel good? Does it feel fun? Does it feel expansive, flowy, inspiring, divine, like a good ol’ time?

We get to trust our desire. Our rooted, deep-rooted, core desire of our hearts and souls.

So, next time you are confused about your decision, ask yourself this:

What do I want?

What do I actually WANT to do?

At this point, I have come to believe that what I want to do is the most profitable thing. What I long to do, I am fully able to monetize.

Following my heart is always the thing that makes me the most money and makes me the happiest.

I believe it is safe to trust myself and safe to follow my heart.

Check out the video with more examples of how I follow my heart + teach my clients to do the same.

Learn to make the right decision quickly:



What do you think? Are our desires safe guidance? Is it safe to follow your heart? Is it safe to trust yourself?

Are your truest desires leading you in the right direction?

I’d love to hear from you!!

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