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How to Embody New Levels of Wealth (The Ascension into Abundance)

Hi love bugs.

I am super jazzed for this week’s free training as this topic is a fave of mine!

This one is about elevating into new levels of wealth.

Yes, we are talking about ascending into abundance.

Now, this isn’t just about receiving money.

This is about creating an experience of overflow.

(Overflow is just my word for “more than you know what to do with.”)

To be clear, I haven’t always believed in surplus, more-than-enough, or overflow.

For a long, long time, I believed in only having just enough.

I spent every dollar I had, had debt I did not feel good about, and couldn’t seem to save a dollar if my life depended on it.

No judgment (at all) if that is your situation, but I am here to tell you how I shifted the above when the way I was perceiving money no longer felt good to me.

And… I am very happy to say, that I rearranged the above experience into my current reality.

A reality where I can put a seven-figure down payment on a house.

(Whole story: I believe I may go with an option where I put less money down. A second mortgage lender I have been working with confirmed yesterday that I qualify for a home loan with far less down and an even better interest rate.)

Point being: I went from a reality where savings was boring and stressful to finally truly learning to delight in – and love – putting money aside so I can invest it as I choose.

PS: I didn’t give up any shopping or spending to create this reality.

This is what overflow is… more than enough for all the things.

This video was recorded in Feb of 2018, and I have continued to implement the principles inside of it and ascend into new levels of wealth.

If you, like me, love to do the work around money and are ready to receive more of it – plus have a beautiful experience with allowing yourself to have + keep more of it – this is for you!





Today’s video was recorded in February 2018. It is a small section for one of the videos in the Elevate into Overflow series.

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