How to Get Whatever You Want

How to Own Your Co-Creative Powers & Attract on Purpose


Hello gorgeous!

Today’s video (below) was shot right at the end of summer, but got lost on my YouTube page. It was never published.

I am sharing it today because it so beautiful ties into a lesson I’m being required to learn: We always gets what we want.

Everything that shows up in our lives, we wanted. Even the super bad stuff.

Let me explain:

I, like everyone else on the planet, attract some funky shit to myself from time to time.

We are magnificent creators. We are powerful being. We have the ability to manifest amazing shit into our lives.

We can have whatever we want. We can attract whatever we want. We have faith inside of us that can move mountains. We have a team of angels that loves to line up with us and help us get shit done. And that is so fucking cool.

Once you get this, everything changes. Once you get this, you realize you have the ability to make life into whatever you want. You can design a life/love/career beyond your wildest dreams.

Once you get this, you can begin to work one of my favorite processes on that planet:

1. Get clear on what you want
2. Remove the beliefs that say you can’t have what you want
3. Live in the energy of what you want already being yours

^^^ When you do this, receiving your desires becomes easy.

Once you learn to do this, you are able own your manifestation powers and co-create on purpose. Like… how fucking cool is that?!

For me, having the ability to co-create with the Universe is like one of the best parts of being alive.

BUT there is a part that I have been missing and I began to tap into the concept the night I shot this vlog.

I was laying in shavasana at the end of a yoga class… looking up at the stars while looking deep into an effed up situation that had shown up in my life… And this thought occurred to me…

“How was I a match for this?”

I was so so so so so mad about the situation I was in, but I knew I was not a victim. I knew the Universe wasn’t randomly doing things to me to teach me lessons. I knew I had created whatever situation that I was in.

And here is the whole truth:

I created it by lying to myself about what I wanted. I created it by not telling myself the truth about a relationship that was no longer serving me. I created it by not owning that I needed to get out and move on… I refused to own my desires.

But my desires were still hanging out in my vibrational field. My heart was trying to guide me. My desires were trying to speak to me. I was still a match for getting out of the relationship and moving on… Though I NEVER would have admitted that to myself.

So instead… I created a situation that would slowly start to unravel my romantic relationship. And that hurt like hell. I got that I created the situation, but I needed to take the concept a step further.

During a “WTF GOD! WHAT IS HAPPENING?” prayer moment, I heard this very clearly: “You got exactly what you wanted.”

Those words instantly deepened my understanding of the manifestation process.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. Holy shit, I thought, this is what I wanted.

I denied what I wanted. I was confused about what I wanted. I had overcomplicated and overanalyzed the situation to death.

But my energy was still powerful. Since I was feeling confused and in denial about a situation I had made complicated… I attracted a confused, denied, complicated version of what I wanted into my world… because that’s what I was a match for.

Do you get that?!

I said this while teaching a group of student in one of my digital courses recently: “When we own what we want and we feel the desire unapologetically and intensely, we give the Universe something to work with. When we lie to ourselves about what we want, we make it really hard for the Universe to team up with us.”

In the midst of lying to ourselves about what we want, we are still powerful attractors… we are still magnificent co-creators… So we will still attract and manifest. But it will be messy.

If we have confused, muffled, cloudy desires in our energetic field, then we will attract a confused, muffled, cloudy version of the desires to us in our lives.

Denying your truth will never serve you.

Tell yourself the truth. Own your shit. Get clear. Attract on purpose.

Watch the vlog now:

What do you think? Do you believe we are powerful attractors? Do you believe we create every single experience in our lives… even the bad ones? Do you believe we always get what we truly want? Let me know in the comments below the blog. I will reply to each of you today!

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13 thoughts to “How to Get Whatever You Want”

  1. THIS VIDEO IS EVERYTHING!!!!! Thank-you so much for sharing Amanda…. really went to my heart with this lesson! love you!

  2. I have a question for you Amanda. How do you make sure that you’re 100% clear on what you want to manifest? What if you’re not exactly sure? How do you know when what you want is 100% alignment with yourself?? Is there a specific process you have in getting clear?

  3. If we have confused, muffled, cloudy desires in our energetic field, then we will attract a confused, muffled, cloudy version of the desires to us in our lives.

    Denying your truth will never serve you.

    Tell yourself the truth. Own your shit. Get clear. Attract on purpose.

    OK GIRL….you’ve got me totally in a whirlwind now….lol

    I mean I TOTALLY agree that we have this amazing power to attract anything we want, good or bad. BUT how the heck do you get clear!

    My relationship with my fiance is less than appealing at the moment, and the more I think about this relationship the more I remember how much I wasn’t ready for it to begin. I knew I needed self healing, self love and alone time to heal. I told him this, I told him no. He kept himself in the friend zone until finally one day we were full out dating. I let it happen, and he is so good to me, like ridiculously good to me…he has so many qualities I have been looking for, and so many that I am not.

    I keep trying to figure out what the heck is up with me, I mean I think any girl would be happy to have him. So why am I not?!

    So I keep thinking is it me, I am not happy with myself, and the relationship is a mirror reflection of what I have been thinking….

    Clarity…I need it.

    All I feel like doing is running….taking a break…getting away…to think, to breathe, to clear my head…but we ALL know running away does not fix things.

    So did I create this energetic messy, complicated, non communicative relationship?

    Or is the universe trying to tell me what I should be doing and I am just not listening? Lots of anxiety, headaches, tummy aches lately….

    Am I emotionally trying to run away from happiness?!

    I just don’t know.

    1. In my opinion… The answer is 1. Yes you created it. 2. A million girls may want what you have… But you still only want what you want…. And what you want may not be logical. 3. Trust yourself and follow your heart. Don’t overanalyze. You already know.

  4. So good! I recently had a huge shift in life that although part of me wanted I was by no means clear on. Then it shows up and I feel all out of sorts. But I asked for this didn’t I; I wanted this? I did. And although it’s not in the pretty package I thought it should be in, it did come and I am now going to own it and work it to my advantage. It’s time to be the manifesting badass that I know I am!

  5. Amanda, I’m sat here in tears…this had just hit me right at my core. I’ve been doing your calling in the cash money meditation everyday, and had some fantastic breakthroughs with that as I shared in the group, and again, just had another massive shift with this! I’ve had some cash through to me this weekend, but was sorely disappointed to find it wasn’t as much as I was expecting. Then realised I hadn’t owned my desire properly, I thought I had to try to manipulate how it was coming to me! Now I know I just have to be 100% clear on the end vision, not how it’s supposed to happen, as that will only dilute my dream. And to also be super grateful for the cash I have received, because I got what I asked for, and it’s proof that the Universe is working to give me everything I want. Wow, powerful. Thank you again and again and again Amanda, you have no way of knowing how much you’ve helped me since I came across you a year ago.

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