How to Have Big Launches without Going Crazy

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There are so many crazy misconceptions around launches in the coaching world.

After have a f*ck ton of six figure launches, here is what I have learned:

1. Launching isn’t hard.

Launching is just telling people about your offer through email, social media, and/or livestreams. Just write words on FB and share them in emails. Not rocket science. It’s an idea in our head that is a difficult thing that is a lot of work. Once I began to release this idea, I had space to create more offers and launch more frequently. This takes the pressure off each launch and fees so much more fun to me.

2. Launching gets to be joyful.

Create something and sharing it with the world can be uncomfortable. The thing is, there is room for so much joy inside of this process. Sharing a course/package/product that is an expression of your heart and compelling women to do the damn thing along side of you inside of that offer… is amazing. For me, it feels like a massive part of my life’s work. Launching and selling feels like the sacred vehicle by which I get my work into the world. I am so thankful for this opportunity/life/business.

3. Launching is not your source.

Launches are not your source. God/Spirit is your source. Money doesn’t come from launches; Money flows through launches. You get to earn/receive at whatever level you decide no matter what happens during any particular launch. This is another thing that has taken pressure off each launch. I am continually creating and selling what is on my heart to create. And I am continually staying a vibrational match for the income I desire. I no longer crunch numbers or obsess about how many people need to sign up for each offer. I never really have any idea how we will get our goal. I just do my thing — while knowing that I get to have what I desire. I take my daily actions and share my work with you continually. And I let grace/God/goodness fill in the gaps.

It might be woo AF… but I am making more money than ever before… with more ease than ever before…

I’m so excited to hear what you think about this!


What do you think? Am I crazy? Loosing my mind?! Watch now and leave me your thoughts in the comments below!

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