The First Step in Getting Whatever You Want

the first step-4


Let’s be real.

YOU create your reality.

You are the common denominator in all of your life situations.

You are responsible for your current reality.

And there is SO much freedom in this.

Because you my friend, are fucking powerful. You have been equipped with the ability to shift, alter and heal the world around you by shifting, altering, and healing yourself.

You have the ability to get major shit done.


So how do you change your current experience?


I could go on about this for days, weeks and months. I am a business coach for heart centered entrepreneurs. Creating new realities is my jam.

But there is one thing I always do first…


I change my words to align with what I want.


In life I believe that anything that shows up is a reflection of what I am thinking, feeling, saying, or believing about myself.

Words create things. Thoughts create things. Feelings create things. Expectations create things.

A solid look at what you have been thinking, saying, expecting and believing will show you a clear picture of your reality.


If you were to observe your thoughts, words, expectations, and feelings about who you are, what you deserve and what is going to happen to you on any given day… what would you see?

Are you expecting life to go your way? Are you thinking that everything is occuring for your highest good? Are you believing that the Universe/God/life has your back?

Or do you expect bad things to happen to you? Do you say, “Ugh. _______ (insert bad thing) would SO happen to me.” Do you put your faith in things not going your way?

When you do this, you give power to everything negative to occur. You align with what you don’t want. You put your faith in bad shit.

You can get get you have the courage to believe you can have. You get what you say you can get. You receive what you believe you will receive.

You can choose instead to have faith in yourself, in all that is good, in magic, in miracles, and in in the certainty that life will bring  you the fulfillment of your every desire if you live from a place of believing it will.


When you decide you are worthy of something big and that nothing less will do, the entire Universe and all that is good has something to get behind. 


Your wishy-washy-lack-of-clarity-ness and negative disbelieving thoughts and words inhibits the universal forces of good (God, the energy of love, the Angels, whatever you want to call it) from being able to help you. You tie the hands of the Universe when you do this.


It is SO important that you 1) get clear on what you want 2) observe what you are currently thinking and saying that is out of alignment with what you want 3) begin to come into alignment with your thoughts and words.


In this video I riff on the topic of the first thing I do when shifting back into believing that what I want will occur. Enjoy!

In the video I use the example of selling online courses. I have three only courses that earn me about 16k a month. If you are curious about creating your own online course: click here.


DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT! Say it’s coming. See it coming. Feel it coming. Know it’s coming.


Your faith will move mountains.