How to Niche When You Want to Help Everyone

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So I am guessing that if you are here, you probably have a huge heart. And you probably really want to make a difference. And the entire reason you started a business (or the reason really want to start a business) was to help people. Am I right?! Me too!

I always believed it was my destiny to earn money helping others… but the helping others part has always come first.

The problem is that when you want to help everyone and you end up marketing to everyone, you keep yourself from being able to help anyone!

If you market to everyone, you don’t reach anyone. Tweet it.

(Ps: If you are new to the game, you might not know this… marketing is just a fancy word for sharing.)


When you don’t know who your ideal client is and you don’t speak to her directly and clearly online, she can’t find you.

A clear, bold message of what you do directed toward your ideal client is SO much more powerful then vague messaging that is kind of directed toward lots of different people.

Of course you CAN help everyone. You are talented and beautiful and they all need you. Duh. But you can’t BEST help everyone.

I bet if you were to ask yourself, “If I could help ANYONE with ANYTHING, who would I help?” you would begin to see that their is someone you can best serve, who you most desire to serve, and who most needs what you have to give.

As you think through this, be sure to drop any should’s or supposed to’s. This is literally about want you WANT — this is not the time to entertain any type of guilt, fear or obligation. The person you desire to help, is the person you were made to help. Trust this.


In today’s video (above) I explain what it was like for me to identify and market to the Quarter-Life-Crisis age group as a Life-Coach. Because I KNEW my ideal client and spoke to her through every blog, quote, image, tweet, and email I released, she knew that I understood and knew that I could help her.

When you know the person who you desire to help the most you are able to create your offerings and services specifically for her.


Niching allows you to 1) Work with Clients You Love 2) Charge a Premium for a Highly-Valued Service 3) Work Less (if this is your desire) by either getting a product (like a digital course <– click for how to create your own digital course) to way more people or by working with way fewer people and charging way more.


Today — I market primarily to Spiritual Entrepreneurs who desire to create Online Service Based businesses. And look… here you are!! ;) It works.  I talk to you on my Facebook pages every day and through my blog and email every week. You know who I am and what I do. Groovy, right?!


So, today I encourage you to GET CLEAR!

Know your ideal client so so well.

  • Her needs – What does she need in life, that she currently doesn’t have? How do you provide this?
  • Her pains – What hurts her? How do you help her deal/cope/solve these problems?
  • Her fears – What is she afraid of? How do you help her face/remove these fears?
  • Your skills – How, specifically, do you help her?
  • Your service – What happens to her if she doesn’t find you?
  • The product – How is her life different because she works with you?


Think through these questions and riff on them a little bit in your journal today. I bet you will come up with a few great fb posts or blog articles to help her begin to find you, know you, and trust you. Most of my clients tell me that they stalk me for weeks or months (watching all my blogs, and reading all my posts) before reaching out to me. She’s out there. She’s listening.

When you know your ideal client and you speak to her daily, it’s just a matter of time before she is very interested in one of your products or services.

Who is your ideal client? Are you speaking to her? Tell me in the comments below!

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3 thoughts to “How to Niche When You Want to Help Everyone”

  1. Hey Amanda,

    Do you focus on solving one specific problem for your clients when you nail down your ideal client or do you help them with all problems that you are able to and feel called to help them with?

  2. Hi Amanda, saw your reply to a post in BSchool and I have to say I loved your message. It did indeed help me focus better on who I want to market to.

    And I do apologize if this seems harsh but I also feel the need to let you know that I had to stop watching your video and just listen to it because the visual edits where you blended two takes together were really creeping me out.

    You may want to consider jump cuts instead of transitions, even if they are a bit jarring, it’s done in a frame and you move on. Your eye will notice it but its over and done quickly. Blending the two gave a ghost impression of two of you where they overlapped (and some audio overlapped too) and extended the viewer (me) seeing that you did more than one take.

    Thought you should know that so that maybe you keep that in mind for the next time you shoot and edit your video.

    Keep up the great work in helping all that you can! Again, thank you for helping me focus better on my ideal client.

    1. lol I gave the girl on my team who does the videos the week off and threw it together on a flight.

      lol lol lol hope I didn’t creep too many people out with my bad edits.

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