How to Set Intentions

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Today we are talking about setting goals and intentions!


Here is what I know for sure:

When I set a solid intention — when I decide what it is I am doing in the world, how much money I’m making, how my audience is growing, how my launches are going — all the things can get to me. 

When I tell myself the truth about my desires, I then know what to focus on each day, what to become a vibrational match for, and what my daily actions are directed toward.

When you have your solid intention and you know what you’re asking for, you give the universe — and yourself — a lot to work with.

And let me say this: My income goal is not just some random number. 

It’s not about the amount of money I could or should be making. 

It is about what is aligned for me. 

It is about what I desire.

It is about what I have passion and motivation for and an emphasis around?


>> I set my income goal based on something real to me. <<


You can have anything you want in life, love. 

The trick is always getting your mind, emotions, will, and energy behind the thing. Got it?

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