How to Shift from Doubtful to Confident

Hi loves!

I get this question all of the time:

How do I continue to believe in myself when doubt and fear creeps in?!

First of all, it is TOTALLY normal to experience doubt, fear, anxiety, and disbelief.

>> Feeling doubt does not mean that you are doing anything wrong. <<

You are a human being. Human beings feel things.

It is safe to feel, experience and process your feelings…

… while also choosing a new energetic state.

It is fully unnecessary to judge yourself for your feelings. It is okay to feel it all.

That being said, I feel my feelings with the intention to shift. I feel my feelings with the intention to let them move through me.

And when I am experiencing doubt in my business here is what I do:

My brain may be thinking a million crazy things:

>> What are you going to launch?

>> How is it going to sell?

>> When will the payments hit?

>> What if it doesn’t work?

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Luckily, I know better than to believe every single thing that my mind thinks.

Here is how I handle it:

1. I look at what is going on under the surface.

Allow any doubts or fears to come to the surface to be acknowledged.

Pro tip: Often simply acknowledging them allows them to fade.

What you resist, persists. And avoiding looking at things only builds the intensity behind them.

2. What does this remind you of // why does this trigger you?

When something hits on a pain point or old wound… it hurts like hell.

Often asking what it’s triggering, why it hurts or what it reminds you of…

… will bring awareness that can less the internal conflict within.

3. What are you afraid of?

All of this is simply hitting on a fear.

The fear is often not real, logical, or based in reality….

… but it feels completely real.

Acknowledge your fear.

4. Is that fear ultimately true?

Is ultimately true that you can’t make it in your business, that it’s completely impossible to get clients, or that you are destined to be alone.


Ps: The answer is always no. You get to decide what is true for you.

5. Create a new reality.

This is the fun part. What do you WANT to be true for you?

What do you fully desire? What outcome is ideal for you?

Decide. Write it down. Declare it as yours.

And, most importantly, become an energetic match for it now.

You do this by feeling the feelings of it already being yours now.

Bonus: Go on a positive tangent around what you want.


An example would be… “Omg. It’s all working out for me. It’s all coming together. It’s better than I expected. And I am so thankful. I see now that it is fully working out and there is so much for me to be thankful for now. I get to have everything I want. All my desires are mine. Each thing flowed into my life so easily and naturally. I am worthy of it all. I am so grateful.”

Decide to spin upward. Take yourself on an upward spiral of positive thoughts around what you want.

If riff on the above + tell a story about my neighbors seeing me naked in this week’s vlog.


What do you think, love?

Where do you get stuck in doubt and fear?

Will you apply this process to your life and business?

Let me know in the comments below!