How to Slay Your End of Year Goals

Hi love.

I am sometimes quoted for saying this:

“Do not give up when you haven’t even truly started.”

I notice this in the personal development space and coaching industry:

As the saying goes, people often quit about five and half seconds before their miracle.

My approach has always been quite different.

I assume that if I haven’t moved into an experience I desire…

… then I haven’t done so YET.

Because of this, I treat the end like the beginning.

I treat the end as the most important part.

The end isn’t when I slow down, it’s when I dig in (to what I actually want, desire, and feel called to do.)

The end isn’t when I move into feelings of defeat and loss…

… the end is when I remember what I am made of and co-create the eff out of my destiny.

To do this you must give up on spiritualizing the idea of giving up while calling it ‘surrender’.

To do this you must give up on telling stories about how it just wasn’t God’s will or in the plan of the Universe for you to have the life of your dreams.

To do this you must disregard bulls**t concepts such as ‘it just didn’t work out’ and ‘maybe next time.’ (Yes, there will be a next time, but I believe in you this time.)

To do this you must remember your power, you must know that all that is good is on your side, and you must choose what you get to have in this life.

To do this you must give up the idea that it is all about hard work, sacrifice and struggle + lean in hard to what trust, flow and allowing looks and feels like for you.

(PS: God/Universe actually wants better than you than you want for yourself. You do not have to control. You can decide and co-create while trusting the guidance that comes through for you.)

The truth is, most people who ‘don’t make it’ never even really ever turned it on. They never really even ever started. They didn’t get firm. They didn’t get nonnegotiable. They didn’t get unavailable for anything less than their desires. They didn’t lock it in. They didn’t decide (or rather remember) who they are, whose they are, what they are made of and what they desire.

They forgot that their desires are from the divine. They forgot that that beyond-their-wildest-dreams was the way that it was always supposed to be.

And they quit.

Meaning, they chose not to give their gifts and callings to the world in the way they desire at this time.


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Let me ask you this, my love:

What do you want to accomplish, be, do, have and feel in the next two weeks before 2018 is over?

> What are you being called to do?

> What do you really really really effing want?!

> What do you know was meant to be yours (even if it looks impossible)?

I know you are afraid of failing and not making it and being disappointed. But you can and will make it through these feelings. You only fail if you give up. If you keep going, ‘failure’ is just feedback. So, keep going. You’ll get better as you go. Perceived failure doesn’t have to mean anything to you or about you.

I know you’ve always been told that it’s all about hard work and that going big will mean loss and sacrifice and doing things that you are not willing to do. That has not been my experience… at all. While I show up and do the work I have found the fun, fell good actions of the things I desire to do in my business always create the best results… and the most money.

Like I say in today’s video it is always the fun work, the flow work, the work I want to do that makes the biggest difference in my success.

Let’s continue…

I love that my team pulled this particular video for you today.

In the video, I riff on what it was like two years ago to declare that I would have my first $500,000 year.

I share what occurred for me in the moment of deciding that year.

It looked crazy and impossible.

I took a risk on myself and believed anyway.

And… I did it.

And I do plan to ever stop.

(We hit $1.5 million last year and are very close to $3 million this year.)


Check out this video on knowing you can have, do, be, embody, all the things you desire, now:


As, I feel into my 2019 goals, and look at what this year has meant to me, I know this:

I am worthy and good enough no matter what I accomplish.


But I also know that I can have it all.

Why not, go for it?

Why settle for less than you know you’re capable of?

Why give up? Why give in?

When you can have it all (even more quickly and easily) than you thought possible.

It’s your time, love. You are worthy. I believe in you.

You really can do this.


What do you think, love? Would love to hear thoughts and Qs in the comments below!