how to spend money you “don’t have…”


there will a point (okay… many points) in your business where you will need to spend money.
and you may feel crazy/doubt yourself a little each time.
I paid my first virtual assistant $120 a month…
I’m pretty sure I didn’t actually have an extra $120 a month… but I was busy and seeing more clients and feeling overwhelmed… and she freed me up.
she focused on the day to day so that my brain could go into big picture mode.
I now had access to her brain and skill.
I tripled what I made that summer.
I was doing the money mentality work (because… duh) — but hiring was my inspired action.
I just hired a personal assistant (SHE IS CHANGING MY LIFE) and as she hangs up my clothes and takes my car to get washed and brings me a smoothie and makes my bed…
… I feel a little crazy (because paying someone to do these things is next level ridiculous…)
but I am 100% making more money than ever before. I am looking at this month’s numbers saying to myself… “I’m like not even like… trying”
but once again… she has made space for me.
two stories:
1. my friend Giordana said to me, “Amanda… make your life a fat, happy baby and watch everything you desire come to you.” that’s how the personal assistant feels. I feel more supported. I feel more spacious. I feel happier. I get/stay in high vibes more easily as an extension of this support. I am more in flow. I am making more money.
2. I had dinner with a new entrepreneur friend Erica last night (how does the universe get these people in my world? it’s so effing cool…) and she said “i made 500k my first year. I had a partner. so technically we each made 250k. I decided that if I hired a third person we could make 750k. so we did.) she decided how it would work for her. then it did… she spent money to make money. get it?
here are the principals:
— spending money makes space for more money: this does not mean going and maxing out your amex for the hell of it. this means spending intentionally from a state of gratitude and joy and abundance. high vibe shopping. spending that feels really good. spending that feels like honoring yourself and more money. spending to support your biz endeavors. I can tell you that I technically could not afford my first two Chanel bags. didn’t fucking matter — the energy of buying and carrying those bags lifted me up to a new level.
— investing in yourself makes space for more money. when I have hired coaches + purchased courses and workshops — I have felt myself elevate to a level of being someone who owned a company who could spend THAT kind of money. different amounts every time… but amounts that freaked me out WHILE feeling expansive/next level.
(( underlying principal: circulating money makes space for more money… because you are in a flow/nonattached with money. you know more is always coming… you spend and receive freely. ))
(disclaimer: I am not one of those people that says you HAVE to hire a coach or spend money in some sort of certain way — or have spent a certain amount of money before you can charge/earn that amount. that is often internet marketer/online coach bullsh*t manipulation that I do not support… though the underlying principal is true…)
the truth: I spend money IN ORDER TO make money..

do you get it? do you feel it? any questions…?

leave them below…

3 thoughts to “how to spend money you “don’t have…””

  1. Love this Amanda!
    How do you wrap your mind around paying interest when you spend what you don’t actually have?
    Hm it just came to me maybe because the up level in vibration served me and the interest charge is no problem. Curious what you think about that.
    This is so true because it reinforces that everything is energy, so we don’t have to get caught up in societal norms which are not based on the fact that this is true, that everything is energy. People who don’t believe everything is energy made up these limiting money beliefs. <3

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