How to Use Vibration to Attract Your Financial Desires

Hi love.

In this this clip from a recent live training, I explain how to attract your financial desires through changing or elevating your energetic state.

Your energetic state is often referred to as a vibration.

Vibrations hang out in your energetic field are powerful attractors.

Vibes attract situations, feelings and experiences that have the same energetic makeup of themselves into your life.

You can use vibrations to attract your financial desires.

In this training, I riff on what you can easily do each day through what you are thinking, feeling, and saying to alter your energetic state and point of attraction.

We then dive into the vibration of money as I explain how the vibration of money feels.

I share what thoughts, beliefs and feelings stop the natural flow of money and how to clear those.

Yes, you can clear the things that are in the way of the natural flow of money!

Energy follows emotions. Energy follows words. Energy follows imagination. Energy follows visualization. Energy follows anything that makes you feel anything. Energy is feeling. Energy is vibration. And vibrations can be shifted.

Money is always trying to make its way to you.

When you open up to the abundance of money and decide that it is safe to receive, things that have been available to you that you were not a match to, make there way in.

I make it easy for money to flow into my life.

I make it easy with my expectation and belief of more and more money coming to me. I make it easy to come to me by raising my standards of what I get to have, and what I expect to have. I practice vibrating at higher frequency. I make it easy by believing in my work and my ability to defy all the odds with the number of people I support and help.

Everything has energy.

Our energy is powerful. That’s not something to be afraid of. That’s is something to use to your advantage.

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