I Am Enough Meditation

Hi my loves!

A few days ago I hosted a bonus training for the students in my Boss Lady Branding digital course.

At the end of the call, I felt led to remind the woman of one very important truth: You are enough.

I let them through a meditation — that came through me very powerfully.

Many people commented on the energy they felt at the end (listen until the end!).

I want to share this meditation with you.

I encourage you to carve out time today to sit, close your eyes, and breathe… and listen to the words I spoke over them.

Take all pressure off. Don’t worry about whether you are meditation right.

Just sit. And breath.

You can also read over the words that came through me below.


Close your eyes.
Roll your eyes in and up.
And begin to breathe deeply in.

Taking big, long, deep, full breaths.


Breathing in.

Holding at the top.


Let’s just sit for a moment with the truth that you are enough.

You are enough. You are enough.

What you have to give. What you feel called to teach.

The ideas and the passions that burn within you.

You are enough. You’re good enough.

You were sent to this planet on purpose.

The things that you want to talk about need to be talked about.

The world needs your gifts and needs your gifts now.

And once you know that you are enough because you are…

It all gets a lot easier.

You’re less inclined to make it complicated.

You’re less inclined to believe the lies that this thing has to be hard.

Because you know that you are enough. And that your belief in yourself makes you enough.

Does everyone get that? You are enough when you know you are.

You are enough because you know you are.

And your work is enough when you know it is.

And when you know and believe in yourself fully, you give the entire planet something to get behind with you.

You give people something to line up with and something to invest in and something to rise up to meet. And people will want to be around your energy.

And then you’re getting paid to be yourself.

You’re getting paid to be your best and your most authentic self.

Sit with those words for a moment and say to yourself right now:

“I. Am. Enough.”

Know that God is on your side. The Universe has your back.

Everything is working out in your favor.

Everything you want, wants you and it’s on it’s way to you right now.

Stay a vibrational match for your desired outcome.

Trust in yourself. Trust in the process. Trust in the inspired guidance that you are given.


Stay your own paths. Don’t believe the lies that it’s already been done before and everyone else is already doing it and there’s no room of you. There is always room for you.

Your gift makes room for you.
You following your desires.
You following your heart.
You sharing about what you’re supposed to share about.
And teach what you teach about… makes room for you. It will clear a space for you.

You are here on purpose.
You are divinely guided.
You are always enough.
And you are making it.
Take a moment to know inside of yourself that you are making it.

You are doing it.

This is it.

You are on your path.

You’ve got it.

Everything you desire is inevitable.

It’s only a matter of time.

It is yours once you know it is yours.

Take a couple of big, long, full deep breaths.

Asking that the energy of this meditation be integrated into your belief system.

Integrated into your psyche, into yourselves, into your being.

God, Angels, the Universe, please guide these women on their path.

Give them the to steps.

Show them the way.
Team up with them.
And help them to know that they cannot fail.
That there is no way that they will fuck it up when they’re following their path.
When they’re following what you have given them.

Increase our confidence.
Increase our belief in ourselves.
Show us the way.
We will do the work.
We promise.

Thank you for your guidance.

Whenever you’re ready you can open your eyes.

Okay, my loves!

You are enough! The world needs your gifts. What you long to do is what you were meant to do. God is on your side. The Universe has your back. And you are so mother fucking worthy.

Did you do the meditation? How do you feel?

Leave me a comment below!

I love you!



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