“I F-ing Love Myself” Guided Sleep Meditation (Manifest Self Love)

Hello hello my love.

I have to tell you: I have secretly been filming content all over the world for a project that I will be releasing in the next few weeks. (Or… possibly few months. Bare with me. lol)

As the video editor and I were pouring through digital course content I have created over the years, I had an idea…

… “Wait! What if we use some of this footage and content as a Guided Self-Love Sleep Meditation for my people.”

I had an instant feeling that I was about to create something that would serve a lot, a lot of people who didn’t even yet know they needed what I have to share.

(You’ll see a few scenes from my travels sneakily placed throughout the video.)

So, while we work on the big project that I can’t reveal quite yet, I am so excited to give you this meditation.

It would be perfect to listen to right now. (And again before you go to bed.)

I pray this meditation will fill you with love, stability, and certainty while calming your anxiety and reminding you of your perfect place on this earth.

It is full of positive affirmations, potent visualizations, and all the positive manifestation vibrations.

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Feel all the love as you watch this transformational, healing video.

Watch now:

I can’t wait to hear what you think of this. I love you.

Say it with me: I f*ing love myself. I am worthy. I am good enough. I am divine. I have been perfectly created and wonderfully made. I choose to receive it all.