I’m Not Here To Make You Like Me

>> You are here on purpose. Your desires were given to you on purpose. <<

Most of us are told our entire lives that life is unfair, that our dreams are unrealistic, and they we should settle for a safe/logical/normal life.

We believe our only option is to ignore our desires, stuff down what we long for, numb our feelings in one way or another, and choose a life that does not light up our soul.

The majority of our population is walking around grieving the loss of the life they always wanted — before they fell into the lie of believing that they could never have it.

Then I show up:

Loud. Cussing. Ranting about freedom, God, and money, all in one breath.

Talking about how we can all design life the way we want it.

Ease. Abundance. Travel. Love. Incredible sex. Whatever you want.

Most people believe these are the things you do not talk about.

I believe they are the only things worth talking about.

Not to mention that I have a tendency to…

Move quickly. Do things obsessively.
Refuse to be moderate/logical/practical/normal.

Achieve completely unrealistic goals and declare proudly about it all over the internet ($186k last month).

While owning the fact that I am completely unreasonable when it comes to getting what I want.

I tell you about it all.

My fears. My wins. My joy. My money. My experiences.

I’m not perfect by any means. But I’m real. And I’m happy with myself.

This all makes people really uncomfortable.
I am embodiment of what they wish was true for them.

Not that they want my life (that would be weird) but that they want the options/freedom/opportunity/confidence/certainty/ease that I have.

But that’s the whole point.

I’m not here to make you comfortable.

I’m here to rub up against the paradigms of what you thought was possible for you.

I’m here to make you question the way you’ve been seeing things/doing things.

I’m here to get you believe that MORE is possible for you, if you want it and are willing to go out and get it.

I’m here to defy the odds. I’m here to set an example. I’m here to pave the way.

I will tell the truth. I will say things boldly. I will not hold back.

I will show up to inspire/encourage/empower.

And sometimes that may result is someone feeling offended/triggered/pissed the eff off.
That just means I’m doing my job.

People often ask me how to stop caring what other people think so they can show up more boldly…

The thing is this: You are a human being. to some degree, somewhere in you — you will care what people think.

It’s not that you magically stop caring what other people think.

It’s that you begin to care more about your purpose.

You begin to tap into your meaning/purpose/desire/drive. You create a solid ‘why.’

You have to care more about your purpose than anything else.

You have to rise above the haters, copiers, those that don’t like you…

Most of all you have to rise above your own fear/doubt/disbelief.

You have to rise above it all and show the fuck up because we need you.

We need you in your unapologetic truth. We need you confident and strong. We need you soft and vulnerable.

We need you, the real you, at your next level.

We need you in purpose, loving your life, doing your thing, making your impact, earning your income.

Bold. Passionate. Empowered AF.

That’s what I’m here for.

So I ask you this…

What are you here for?
Who you do you long to serve?
How do you desire to help them?
How are their lives changed because you showed up?
How are their family/communities changed because you showed up?
What happens to them if they don’t find you?

^^ that’s your purpose.

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