Morning Meditation: Manifest Your Best Day with Gratitude & Clear Intentions

Intention Setting Meditation to Manifest Your Desires

Hello beautiful humans.

I am so excited to share my intention setting meditation with you.

This meditation is here to help you become an energetic match for your goals so that you can attract them more easily into your life.

I do this by first reminding you of a few important things:

>> You are being guided and supported on your journey.

>> You can not and will not F this up.

>> You are a super powerful, magnetic being.

>> You are meant to have your desires.

I do this to help move you into the vibrations of strength, power and contentment before tuning into your goal or desired outcome.

Then as you align with your desires — feeling it as yours — you set yourself up for a lot of goodness to come through.

As you feel the feelings in your body of that thing already being in your life, you activate mountain-moving power.

Know that as you feel this and as you hold this and as you believe it is yours every day, it has no choice but to show up.

It is done in the spiritual realm.

It is coming your way.

It is only your job to go back to the feeling every day.

I kept this meditation on the shorter side so that you can come back to it a couple times each day to get back into your power and align vibrationally to your goals.

Remember: You are called. You are chosen. You are here on mother fucking purpose.

You are divinely supported.

Everything is on it’s way to you.

Listen to this mediation and choose to receive it now.


Intention Setting Meditation to Manifest Your Desires:



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I am so excited for what comes through as you dig into this meditation.

I love you.