It is safe to go big. It is okay to want more.


God is not up in the sky somewhere getting pissed that you are dreaming too big, asking too much, or setting a goal that is just so fabulous that it’s highly offensive.

No cosmic force is going, “Omg, you bitch.”

Actually, the opposite is true. I think that the Universe desires STRONGLY to help you reach your big, audacious goal.

The ideas that light you up and make you go, “EEEEK… Like, could I REALLY do that?” make an entire force of angels go, “Go, girl! You can! You will!”

You have the Universe on your side as you follow the desires that were placed in your heart.

I find that many spiritual, good-hearted women have been tricked into thinking that we need to hold back, tread softly, feel guilty, tip toe, and ask permission. Eff that.

We think:

Who am I to design this life and business that supports me?

Who am I to create a schedule that allows for equal parts self-care and actual work?

Who am I to be like, “Peace out!” and head to Mexico alone for a couple weeks with no regard for whether that is crazy?

Actually… Who am I not to?!

I am a child of God. I am on a mission. I’ve got shit to do.

I freaked out as I created, priced and launched my biz and with both of my courses (Check these babies out — so good.)

But I knew that some women may never know that they can go big, if I don’t unapologetically do so first.

So I looked fear in the face, determined not to care what others may think, reframed the guilt, said good bye to the limiting beliefs, and moved forward.

Besides, if someone does think, “Omg, you bitch…” Oh well! That has more to do with them and their fear and their self-imposed limits than it has to do with me.

Like… Bye Felicia.

You can have the support of many like-minded women (some of them hang out in the fb groups I’ve created exclusively for those in my courses (here and here and here — and in other fun places online and in the real world — ask to be guided to them). And you definitely have the support of the Divine.

Feel feelings of love and gratitude in your body for what you already have. Then unapologetically ask for more. Begin to feel now what it will be like to receive it and know it is yours.

It is safe to do so.

Big love sisters (and brothers too),




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