It’s About Worthiness: You are Being Guided


As you may know,  I can get a little fired up about things.

When I see something unjust or unfair, when I see limiting beliefs being spread, and when I see people sharing false information about what is required in business, I do not typically hold back from sharing my thoughts.

In today’s vlog, I get fired up about:

>> Coaches who “coach” via restrictions, rules and limitation

>> How normal it is to feel crazy as you choose to expand

>> Realizing you are worthy because you are

>> Knowing you’re enough is the work

>> Allowing your ‘work’ to be based on what you most want

I hope you enjoy this compilation of fiery little moments.

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What I need to say to you is this: Don’t listen to people who tell you things that make you feel limited, restricted, not good enough, that you’re internally flawed, that what feels right to you is fundamentally wrong.

You have to decide that your messages are worthy, your content is worthy and you are worthy.

And that was you desire to do is what’s needed by the world.

That’s what it takes.

Don’t listen to those people who are telling you that you are not enough.

The energy of restriction and limitation is the opposite of what it’s going to take to do this life and business thing successfully.

I believe we can grow incredibly successful businesses and do it on our terms.

I believe our time is now.

I believe in helping you to get into a beautiful flow with life, love, and money.

That’s why I created The Holiday Bundle.

The videos are intimate. (They were originally created for a small group of private clients.)

The stories are real and deep (you haven’t heard most of them from me before).

And, of course, I empower you to get out there and change the world + make a ton of money + create what you desire.

I have added seven new videos this year that demonstrate the evolution of the foundational concepts by which I built my business and include what I have learned as I have deepened and matured these systems and dynamics.

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