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inspiration moments: school teacher turned multimillionaire author

There’s a secret in life most people don’t realize: people who change the world make it big because they refuse to give up on their dreams. They choose to believe that they can give up the good and go for the even better. Many household names, people who went on to do big huge things, are ordinary men and women who did not give up.

One of them, who you may know, started out as a high school English teacher in a small town in Maine.

This teacher had what most people would call a good, standard life. A wife, kids and a good job. As he taught his class each day, however, he could only think about one thing: He had a call of his heart which was not being fulfilled.

So after grading papers each night he’d sit at a typewriter and work on his novel. He finished the book and sent it out to publishers. I wish I could say that was the part where all his dreams came true.

Unfortunately, editors hated it – like, for real. He got no positive feedback at all.

But he was so sure of his dream and call of his heart that he kept going and after over 30 rejections letters, he was published.

He is now one of the most one of the most famous writers in the world. Not only has he published 63 bestsellers, over 50 movies have been created based on his books.

63 books. 50 movies. He is paid to do what he loves and is a multimillionaire.

So have you guessed who it is? . . . . . . . Stephen King.

And the book was “Carrie” – which has sold millions of copies in dozens of languages.



When I was reading about Stephen King earlier today, what stood out to me more than the reality that dreams do come true, was the power of perseverance and determination. Yes, I believe in taking the time to get clear about what you want and flowing through life, but as you start to know what you truly desire and as the vision becomes clearer, we must go for it. And not just go for it once a month or once a week, but day by day and moment by moment.

We must live our dreams in our mind, visualizing the outcome we desire and deserve as we go. We must act as though those vision are possible and are on their way.

We all want significance and to contribute to this world in a meaningful way, but some choose the idea that our dreams are too big and are unreachable.

This is a BIG, fat, stupid lie.

And it doesn’t have to be true if you don’t want it to be.

You do not have to believe the lie and go through life playing small.

Get clear about what you want, believe it can happen and take steps to make it so.

I love you, 


Amanda Frances



{This story was adapted from www.silvalifesystem.com – the photo is by designeditor}