why I got the eff out of town (:

Hello my friends!

So, if you follow me on facebook, instagram, or twitter you may have noticed that I am on a little road-trip!

A few people have been like, “Where the eff are you?” and “What exactly are you doing?” lol Well, I am road tripping to see friends in/around Austin, TX this week and I am on Vacay!


It’s so important for me and my massive case of wanderlust, to get out of town when I start to feel that itch in my bones to go see the world.

Traveling, as y’all know, is part of what makes me, me. A life full of travel = a life I love. It keeps me from feeling stale, boxed-in, and bored. It’s like my lifeblood.

For the PAST YEAR I haven’t been able to up and go as I’ve pleased. #sadface
I was working on my PhD. Which, in it self, is a lovely endeavor, but when your heart isn’t in it, it can be a waste of your life/energy/happiness. In typical Amanda Frances style, on the very last day of my PhD program, I was pulling an all-nighter to finish things up. I suspected that once I left the clinic super early the next morning, that I would likely hit the ground running on all things amandafrances.com and my coaching practice and never look back.

And I was right. Since I quit the PhD program (read more about why I quit, here), I have been working non-stop. I made a new-and-improved About Amanda page (click here), What Clients Are Saying page (click here), and this way cute turquoise & chevron layout.  I recorded a radio segment for Deep Ellum Radio. And, of course, I’ve been doing my favorite thing in the universe: working with my clients to help them be their happiest self, live a life beyond their dreams, and love themselves like crazy (read a little about what I do: here).

It also occurred to me during the all-nighter, that I no longer had a reason to NOT to get the eff out of town whenever the hell I wanted to. I was practically (except for the clients I meet in person in Dallas) location independent. Meaning, I can do most my work from anywhere in the world. I immediately started FB messaging friends and piecing together a little road trip for a few weeks later with one clear intention: Relax and Have Fun.

Fun — as some of us often forget — is a priority. Fun is a goal. Fun is a reason to do things. Fun is important. Fun is enough.

I have, for most of my life, found myself doing all the things I though I was “supposed” to do, rarely considering what I wanted and most certainly not doing things just because they sounded fun.

Adding fun into my life is something I have to remember to do on purpose. And something I try to do a little of every day.


So on a very rainy Monday after seeing all my in person life-coaching clients, I loaded up a suitcase with swimsuits and cutoffs and  headed south with the faith that the sunshine would show up if I would.

Of course, it has.



I started the trip with a late dinner and discussion of men, travels and dreams with my dear friend Candace in the super charming little town of New Braunfels & Gruene, TX.


Candace’s parents’ house which, turns out, is one of my new favorite places in the universe. Her parents grow kale, chard, mint, etc. etc. etc. outside in their garden, there is always a green juice in the fridge AND they make their own kombucha in their kitchen on the regular. It’s like a dream. lol :) We picked food fresh from the garden, had a delightful brunch at their home on the water, watched one and a half chick-flicks, did yoga in a boat, went to an actual yoga class, and partook in a wine-and-appetizer dinner.







The next day I headed to downtown Austin to meet my friend from grad school and fellow life-coach (she is legit – check out joinblush.com) Kali for some hippie food in downtown Austin, followed by like the best shopping experience of my entire life. ((The best outlet mall in the world is in San Marcos, TX – I promise.))



After shopping, I headed to Megan’s mom, Mrs. Debbie’s, house up in the hills of Lago Vista, TX. Her house has been like a retreat for me the past few years. I don’t know if I am quite as relaxed anywhere as I am there. We make food. We swim. We hang out. I immediately become relax/fun oriented the moment I walk in their home. I love it there. When I am there, I let myself be. (I wrote about one of my last trips there: here.)

When I got there, Megan and I immediately began to plan all of the potential world travels we will take together (read about when we went to Bali here), discussed the struggles of being a big sister (#overprotectiveprobs #thestruggleisreal) with red wine in the hot-tub, and accidentally started working on business stuff for my blog/brand/practice ((she is the best internet marketer there is and she will rock the socks off your small business — check her out here)).


 Yesterday Megan and I went to check out her future home in South Austin (my friend is moving back to Texas – yay!!), spent time in a natural spring called the Greenbelt, picked up my sweet manfriend from the airport, and gathered some weekend supplies (kombucha for me; strange beer for him). When we got back, GareBear had arrived! So we partook in some much needed pool-time and then hung out! Like JUST hung out! Like did nothing. Like played stupid IPhone games, ate food, half-watched a travel show about Myanmar, made plans to go to Myanmar, and talked about life. It was amazing to put down the to-do list and HAVE FUN and enjoy the humans I am blessed enough to call friends.




Today I am working most of the day/night. Seeing clients (coaching with me means sessions can happen no matter where in the world we each may be via Skype or phone – YAY!), posting this little blog, recording my next vlog, editing my last vlog, etc. But I plan to take breaks by the pool, eat meals with my friends, have a bloody mary (or two), and all around ENJOY my day.

Because enjoyment is a priority and fun is a worthy goal!

Are you having enough fun? Are you blogged down by your to-dos? Feeling a little stuck?

Break out of your rut!

Here’s a relaxation technique you can try:
I suggest closing your eyes, sitting up straight, placing your hands in your lap, focusing on the space between your eye brows and taking a few deep breaths. (This is called meditating.) Decide how do you want to feel? Bring up the feeling that you would like to feel throughout your day and practice feeling them. Smile. Think about what do you want to occur? Visualize the day unfolding with grace and ease. See yourself accomplishing what you’d like to do. Ask your inner guidance (or what you believe in) to be with you and help you. Trust that you are being guided. Know that your life is syncing with what you are seeing in your mind. Feel yourself relax. See yourself being calm and happy.  (This is called manifesting.) #meditationmoment

You may be led to read a book, take a class, call a friend, dance naked around your living room, etc.

Guidance is always available to you. There is always an answer. There is always a way. You are never stuck.

Remember to love your life today, take care of yourself, consider meeting your needs/enjoying your life/having fun is a valuable thing.

Because you are fabulous.

And you deserve to be ridiculously happy.


I love you,

Amanda Frances


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PS: TULSA FRIENDS — I am speaking at a live event in our beloved city! Being a spiritual person does not mean that you do not experience sadness, depression, or emotional irregularity/difficulty. Me and 2 other fabulous women I adore are teaming up to discuss this super important issue. You deserve to be ridiculously happy. For tickets, click here.