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Learning How to Flow with Your Finances

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If you didn’t know, I have some controversial beliefs about money.

I believe that earnings don’t have to fluctuate. I believe you don’t have to choose between spending and saving money. I believe that debt is not innately bad.

And I believe that it’s fully impossible to waste money.

Let’s dig into the last one.

Story time: I will never forget the time I invited a group of women over to my house after we had all had dinner together in Malibu. Everyone in the group was a close friend except this one girl.

After hanging out at my house, I heard from a few friends that this girl (who actually teaches on business and money online) was going on and on to a couple of the other ladies about how she couldn’t believe, “I wasted all that money living in Malibu.”

I remember thinking… Huh… “waste money…?” What does that even mean?

Here is the thing, there are no good or bad or right or wrong rules for money.

When it comes to money there is only what feels good for you.

And how you choose things work for you.

And how you choose to operate with money.

In my reality, it is fully impossible for me to waste money

It’s possible to not honor money.

It’s possible to neglect your relationship with money.

It is possible not to maintain a supportive relationship with money.

It’s possible to not spend in ways that do not feel good.

It’s possible to spend out of alignment with my desires.

But wasting money really isn’t a thing.

A few days ago, someone asked me why I would choose to finance my new house instead of buying it in cash. You can find my reply in the comments of this post.

My reply got a lot of attention. But what you will see in my answer is that I explain what feels good to me energetically and practically as I spend, save, use, invest and earn money. It’s not based on rules. There is practical wisdom involved, but what feels aligned with my finical desires is the bottom line for me.

And while I would never, ever, ever tell someone to spend money in a way that felt restricting for them, put them in a situation that did not feel good to them, or did not align with their goals and desires…

… I’ve always wondered if the girl that was at my house that one time realized this:

Money is a renewable resource.

You. Can. Create. More.

And. More. And. More.

Endlessly. And on repeat.

Here is a vibration to begin to play with + an idea to ponder:

What if money regenerated for you, in larger portions, over and over again…

… as the very nature of how the flow of money works for you?

You see, money does not have a mind of its own.

It can only respond to your energy, thoughts and beliefs about it.

What if money listened, responded and replenished itself?

What if it always did what you told it to do and expected it to do?

What if could not be wasted, but only used for good?

In today’s video we talk about practicing spending in ways that feel good.

Spending with joy. Spend with a sense of ease. Spend with gratitude.

Spend on purpose. Spend with intention. Spend remembering that that is a lot more money out there, and more of it is coming to you.

I also riff on creating a flow of spending and receiving / releasing and allowing room for more.

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I love you! I can’t wait to hear how these concepts grow, expand, and challenge you.